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Hunger, heartburn and nausea

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kitkat321 Thu 01-May-14 14:34:57

I'm sure they're all interlinked and I'm not sure what the underlying problem is but at the moment (8+6) I'm constantly hungry/need to eat. If I don't, I feel sick and get hunger type pains as if I have excess acid (which is I problem I've suffered with in the past).

I've been eating remgel and taken omeprazole but it won't go away -the only thing that make it stop for a while is eating something bland and stodgy like toast or crackers. Given I was a tad overweight coming into this pregnancy, I tried so hard to be good and stick to my slimming world diet but fruit makes it worse due to the acidity.

Any other things I can try to calm it? Or things that I can eat that will help it settle but is relatively healthy?

My tastebuds have also gone a bit funny and some of the things that I normally love taste really foul which also isn't helping me much - it seems that bland and stodgy is about all I can stomach!!

MrsMonkeyBear Thu 01-May-14 16:30:53

I was exactly the same at that stage, I'm now 15 weeks and things have settled. I find I need to eat every 2 hours still but more for my blood sugar levels and low bp. I found that in order to stay healthy, I'm eating a lot of raw veg with hummus. Fruit also made it worse but not so bad now.

The bland thing I get too. Try nibbling cheese + crackers, cooked chicken and yogurt. I wanted nothing but burgers, pasta and fish fingers until I was 10 weeks, but tried to replace with the above things.

2014MrsH Thu 01-May-14 17:26:13

I'm exactly the same, 8+6 with nausea and heartburn. At the moment I'm finding watermelon and lemonade help ease both the symptoms, but sleep is the main thing. The more fatigued I am, the more nauseous I seem to be.
Also bought some travel bands yesterday on midwife's recommendation, despite the chemist telling me they were useless. Still 50/50 on whether they're helping to ease the symptoms.

MrsMonkeyBear Thu 01-May-14 18:44:55

I had the travel bands too. They were a life saver, it's all about getting them in the right position. I still wear them on occasion even now.

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