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Is it happening - potential TMI warning!

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NauseousKitty Thu 01-May-14 10:47:53

While eating my breakfast this morning, I realised that my underwear and leg was wet, not just a little bit but not entirely soaking. Nothing much else has come out at the moment, but could it have been the start of my waters breaking.

I have had severely disturbed sleep for the past two nights and today have an upset stomach and feel so sick. I also have a bit of back ache and lower stomach ache, but nothing too serious.

Phoned the ante-natal unit and they said to put a pad on (am at work so don't have any so wearing a panty liner!) and to phone them back if it is soaking in a couple of hours.

What do we reckon ladies? Am I starting the eviction process or is it an embarrassing case of 'baby lying on the bladder'! I just don't want to leave it too long - if I don't kickstart with some contractions within 24 hours then the chances of infection are high.

Totally worrywart... and this is my second! (I was induced last time so no idea how normal labour starts!)

VioletWillow Thu 01-May-14 10:50:34

It could be - keep an eye on it. Yes there is a risk of infection after 24 hours, but they'll be all over an induction before that if it comes to that. My waters broke in a big gush so there was no mistaking it, but there are lots of other ladies who say they had a slow steady trickle. Use the panty liner, keep an eye out, and if you're worried head down to the unit. They can do an internal to check to see what's happening. Good luck! smile

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