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Could anybody reassure me (or prepare me for the worst?) sickness related

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dottytablecloth Thu 01-May-14 07:31:43

I'm 8 +3 days pregnant with dc2.

The last time I was really sick from around 7-28 weeks.

My ms started again this time at week 7 but around dinner time last night I felt it ease and it seems almost gone this morning. Yesterday I couldn't even stand up without getting dizzy and feeling sick but I'm feeling about 95% ok today.

I'm terrified something has gone wrong.

I've no cramping or spotting but I'm so worried.

Any advice?

Rockchick1984 Thu 01-May-14 09:30:54

Symptoms (or lack of) don't generally show anything to do with how well a pregnancy is progressing. Personally I had barely any symptoms when pregnant with DC1, second pregnancy I was far more sick but that resulted in a missed miscarriage (baby had died at 9 weeks, I still had symptoms at 12 weeks), third pregnancy had same symptoms as second and now have DC2 from that. Seems fairly common from everything I've read (couldn't get my head around why I had tender boobs, morning sickness etc despite having lost baby).

It's unlikely the NHS would give you an early scan for this, but you could pay privately for one? I'd leave it a week though if you can, there's a good chance the sickness will come back anyway by then!

Chopsypie Thu 01-May-14 09:32:46

I had awful nausea in my first pregnancy until 16 weeks but only had nausea from 6-9 weeks in my second.
Both were healthy babies.

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