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Please help me,I messed up everything (10+ weeks pregnant)

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katmat3 Wed 30-Apr-14 22:30:09

I was originally booked with NPH (NW London) and in a mean time I read all the negative things about maternity unit.So i panicked and I did self-referral to QCCH.They told me it takes up to two weeks to get respond.
Yesterday I went to see consultant in NPH and she was just brilliant,midwife also and the ladies at the reception were great,kind and helpful.
When I came home I received letter from QCCH and I went today.
I am soooooo DISAPPOINTED.Midwife was great-really wonderful BUT receptionists and lady consultant ????They really made me think.Very rude receptionist-someone checked me out and she blamed me-not sure why???Consultant didn't explain anything and I did ask,MADE ME FEEL GUILTY for having HBP.I really had a nightmare 5h in hospital.YES-5hours.
So I was wondering,can I just stay with NPH and cancel QCCH?
Anyone pls...I have to do it tomorrow......

katmat3 Wed 30-Apr-14 22:47:50

Anyone please..

Millasaurus Wed 30-Apr-14 23:00:41

I haven't had any experience of changing midwives, hospitals etc so I cannot tell you for sure / from experience but I don't see why you wouldn't be able to change your mind & go back to the original hospital. Perhaps you could book an appointment with your Doctor who might be able to help you or sort it out for you unless you can contact your original midwife & ask for her advice / help?

Good luck!

livingzuid Thu 01-May-14 07:16:19

Yes, I would speak to your gp or just phone the midwife at the hospital you want to go to and say you'd like to have your care from them and ask how to cancel the other one. It's very early days so you have plenty of time. I am sure it will be quite straightforward.

4littleones Thu 01-May-14 07:23:11

I Have been a birthing partner to a birth at NPH and thought it was lovely. The staff were very patient, despite very testing circumstances.

Jemimapuddlemuck Thu 01-May-14 07:42:11

Are these NHS hospitals? I changed hospitals (changed trusts in fact) fairly late on, simply due to preference, and it was fine, just a bit of extra paperwork and had to redo my booking in appointment (which was kind of embarrassing as I sat there in the waiting room with my enormous 30-something week bump next to all the tiny 12-weekers!)

I did it by asking my community midwife at the GP surgery but it may be different in your area. It's totally up to you where you have your baby, so just speak up (and give feedback as to why too if you feel able to).

squizita Thu 01-May-14 07:59:40

Yes you can change via your GP.
NPH are under close scrutiny, so I guess will be towing the line and you should be well looked after.
Bear in mind though that their big issues were of clinical care and hygiene causing deaths - not bedside manners. However this was a couple of years ago so if anything they will be very 'on top' of everything now.

CC is currently having a nightmare with their admin and computer system. I had some big issues booking in for appointments and booking future appointments at St Marys (uses same systems, linked maternity care) - there are a couple of really odd receptionists although the one I usually deal with is great.

katmat3 Thu 01-May-14 08:35:52

Thank you so much for your help.I was so tired last night that I just slept...I will call NPH at 9am and I will see if they still have my file opened.If they do,I will call QCCH and cancel my registration.I can't put in the words how disappointed I was yesterday after my visit to QCCH. Honestly,I felt deflated and bad for actually having HBP.
What made me unease is actual consultant.
She was not explaining anything and I did ask,she was rushing and Ifelt basically rushed.
I had a lovely midwife and we really clicked-she did tell me that particular lady taht I saw can be very quick,abrupt and tend to not listen too much,BUT I didn't expect what I got from her.I was in maybe 4min ...Very sad.So what happens with a ladies who have more difficulties than me in their pregnancy?Poor them.
Thank you sooo much.Will let you know what is going on later on..

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