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Little help needed, any advice, nuchal fold and small baby

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Tobleronester Wed 30-Apr-14 18:40:02


This is our first child and at the 12 week scan everything seemed normal, they didn't raise any concerns over anything, however at the 20 week scan the nuchal fold reading was 6.4mm (should be less than 6mm). We had to see the midwife who explained about it being a sign the baby could possibly have a chromosonal disorder such as downs syndrome and we were offered the chance for an amniocentesis. They also explained that because it wasn't that much over the 6mm and there were no other markers that it could just be nothing as there were no other signs of abnormalities. We turned down the amniocentesis and were booked in for a 28 week scan.

Today we had the 28 week scan and they didn't spot any hydrops which they were looking out for and didn't point out anything they seemed concerned about apart from the fact the baby is quite small (it was on the lower line of the growth chart)

The consultant explained that the baby being small can go hand in hand with the nuchal fold measurement to be a sign of a chromosomal disorder and have arranged for fortnightly growth scans to monitor the growth.

I was just wondering if anyone had any similar stories with positive outcomes as obviously we are no concerned the nuchal fold and the baby's size are not just a coincidence.

Thanks smile

ArcheryAddict Wed 30-Apr-14 19:58:28

I'm sorry I have no experience to offer but I just want to say good luck for the future scans.

I'm sure someone who can offer more support will come along thanks

GingerRodgers Wed 30-Apr-14 20:23:08

We had an abnormal nuchal fold measurement at our 20 week scan with our first dc.
We had the amnio and there was nothing detected.
We have since been told we shouldn't have had the measurement taken at that stage and especially because it was such a tiny deviation from the 'norm' it ended up not meaning anything but making things so hard for us.
I think you really need to think about what will happen if the baby is born with a chromosome disorder, prepare yourself for the chance that it could happen.
I really hope everything is fine and just an odd measurement but there's loads of support out there If you need it.
Have you thought about contacting ARC for some advice or just to chat it through?
Good luck and congratulations on your baby thanks

icklekid Thu 01-May-14 05:59:43

Did you have bloods taken at your 20 week scan? I had the fold and bloods looked at together to give a downs likelihood/risk factor?

Hopefully your growth scans will continue to improve- we wouldn't have had an amnio either even if had come back as high risk. Have heard others on mn talking about a harmony test though if you are still concerned?

Tobleronester Fri 02-May-14 14:10:10

I had the bloods taken early on and got a very low risk down syndrome result, something like 1:10000, can't quite remember what it was exactly. The hospital didnt seem overly concerned about the nuchal fold measurement as it was only slighly deviating from what they consider normal and the fact it was taken at 20 weeks. But then this scan theyve decided the baby is small and needs monitoring and that it can all be connecting.

I have heard of the harmony test but what I can gather is that its only available privately and realistically we just cannot afford it.

Thank you all for your responses smile

Sleepyhoglet Fri 02-May-14 19:39:35

May I ask your age?

Tobleronester Sun 04-May-14 18:55:21

24, can age be a factor?

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