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38 Weeks + countdown anyone?!

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Beautifulboy1 Mon 28-Apr-14 12:14:09

Hi future mummies,

I am today 38+3 and having not such a great time. I am obviously sooooo looking forward to meeting my little man (DS2) but also struggling with feeling nauseas 24/7 and aches pains and now the added bonus of piles (Sorry if TMI) etc.

Looking for a few ladies in the same boat to chat about, excitement, nerves, symptoms, anything at all to support each other, so bring your questions, stories comments and lets start the countdown together :-)

TheRealGabster Mon 28-Apr-14 13:50:35

Hi beautiful. I'm 38 wks today. Know what you mean exactly. Feeling bit blue - was so looking fwd to mat leave but now it's here I don't have the energy to do anything and the house is too quiet with ds1 at school all day. Can't eat much (thats not fun) and I seem to be getting obsessed with constipation.

And of course we prob have weeks to go yet! Aaahhhh.

Right positive thinking. In a few weeks time it will all be over, we'll have a gorgeous baby in our arms and an excuse to go out without make up on in daylight? hmm

Beautifulboy1 Mon 28-Apr-14 21:17:54

lol, I know what you mean about constipation and all I seem to do is update my DH on my bowel movements which I'm sure is really sexy!

I was looking forward to it too but I feel guilty as like you said I am constantly exhausted or in pain and I have 17 month old DS1 at home with me.

But yes you are right, I need to start thinking of the positives and wondering what my DS2 will look like, what colour hair etc :-) I know it all worth it but may as well have a good old moan while we can get away with it

Do you know what your having? any names etc?

TheRealGabster Mon 28-Apr-14 21:59:43

Quite right! My heart goes out to you with DS being so young. That really is hard work! I hope the good weather stays - getting outside/garden/park is always so much easier with that age. Are there many groups you can go to where you live?

I am having a girl which is really exciting, but obviously DS is devastated! lol. Can't wait to see what she looks like - it is amazing to think they will be here soon. And all this will be distant memories.

Do you have names already? We are waiting to see what she looks like! tee hee.

Ok, positives. Can get our hair died again, yeay!

Can get back into nice normal clothes (at some stage hopefully).

No more night sweats!

Will be able to sit at the dinner table instead of 1 ft away! lol

NO MORE INDIGESTION (oh God I dream of this one)

OK, I'm being negative again I think. Better stop. Hope you are feeling a bit more positive Beautiful! smile

AmberSweet Tue 29-Apr-14 00:01:28

38+2 here! I'm really starting to feel fed up now. I just want dc2 to be here and as horrible as I feel saying this sort of have my body back again! I miss my jeans and am sick to the back teeth of leggings especially with weather getting a bit warmer!

Plus I know lots of people through work/school etc who have all had their babies in the last few weeks which is making me VERY impatient!

Not slept until at least 2am the last 3 or 4 nights either so I'm shattered and feel like I'm in constant pain or uncomfortable.

SizzlesSit Tue 29-Apr-14 00:12:03

38+4 here. DS was born at 38+5 and Id convinced myself DS2 would arrive earlier...but no sign yet other than lots of BH and cramping.

Saw Consultant today and he said he'd 'induce' me next Tues if I havent already given birth (but with old midwives 'tricks' - I think he meant a sweep (Im not in the UK)) and in any case wont let me go beyond 40+5.

But I really wish baby would make an appearance earlier and naturally! Am also fed up with hurting all over, heartburn, nausea, insomnia etc.

Felt soooo much better after the birth of DS1!

SizzlesSit Tue 29-Apr-14 00:12:57

Ooohs its gone midnight so am now officially 38+5 :-)

Redorwhitejusthaveboth Tue 29-Apr-14 00:49:42

38 +2.... Just puked everywhere.... Thinking maybe start of things... This is dc4 and I have a c section fri... Have all boys but dc4 is a girl grin

chemas Tue 29-Apr-14 02:49:48

39 weeks today and feeling anxious with the countdown, how is everyone feeling today?

mamapants Tue 29-Apr-14 07:17:48

Hi Everyone
Can I join in. Am 39+5 today which is when DS arrived. Although was induced so no indication of when this one might arrive.

DS is 20mths and has a cold and is teething so not in best mood.

Had some contractions on sat. They were 5mins apart at one point and then nothing since.

Midwife appt later to check on bp.

Good luck everyone.

chemas Tue 29-Apr-14 13:44:59

Hi all, needing some helpful opinions. I have a gorgeous 5 year old boy to my ex partner, he has his fathers surname. However now I am expecting my second child with my fiancée, we have been discussing names and my lovely partner offered me pickings on the surname as he knows how important it is for me to keep equality in our household for our lovely blended family, now I am in two minds, I wasn't intending on taking my partners name when we married as I didn't want to create any possibility of bad feelings towards this for my son but now with a daughter due in a week it's all needing to be rethought. Can anyone offer me an opinion? One part of me is thinking it's just a name it doesn't mean anything to real but another part of me feels sad to have different surnames in our family, I'd love to have the same last name as my children but I can either only have the same as one or we all have to be different. I know this seems a little crazy but i would love some opinions please, blending our family is a continuous journey and I just so want the best for all involved! Thanks smile

Rosie2011 Tue 29-Apr-14 16:14:30

Im 38 plus 2 days! Im shattered today, cant sleep anymore and im getting impatient too! expecting my first baby excited but just wish i could have him now. Wondering if first time babies generally come earlier or late. any ideas how we can get this labour going?!! xxx

Beautifulboy1 Tue 29-Apr-14 17:15:25

Hi ladies, welcome to the thread, been hospital today and had another scan, all is well and still on track for c sec next wed.

Chemas I don't know what you think but I have a friend who surname was Wilson, her first sons was Moran and then she got married to a Copland and they had a son, ANYWAY she felt the same as you so what she did was changed her first born to Wilson-Moran (added her own surname), her second son was Wilson-Copland and they both took each other names when they got married to be Wilson-Copland, so at least they all had her maiden name?!

Is anyone having any symptoms today or twinges? Be warned that if you go into labour we want a blow by blow account! lol xx

SizzlesSit Tue 29-Apr-14 17:48:43

Hey everyone

Baby still sitting tight. It's funny but I'm feeling a bit ambivalent about it all. A couple of weeks ago I started to get really excited about meeting the baby but now it's just dragging on and I can't actually imagine giving birth! confused

I suppose it's the fact I don't know when he's coming and that DS1 needs quite a lot of attention plus I try to rest whenever I can.

Was a bit shocked when Consultant said he'd induce me next week...until I realised I'd be 40 weeks! I was just so convinced I wouldn't go beyond 39 weeks because DS1 was early...

Last week I had loads of contractions and labour symptoms. Today, nothing, hardly any BH, even when I ran for the bus!

TheRealGabster Tue 29-Apr-14 21:53:15

Hi everyone. No exciting signs here unfortunately.

Hi Rosie. Yes I'm 38+2 today too, and funilly enough seem to have hit a brick wall of tiredness. Actually went back to bed at 11am this morning. How sad is that???

Sizzlessit I'm so excited for you. Looks like you will be the first of us to pop then.

I am bouncing on my ball like mad but don't seem to be progressing any. Bladder is now the size of a walnut (or so it seems). Anybody fancy a competition as to how many times they pee in a day? Think I am in with a chance.

I have the hospital tomorrow and have to decide whether I am going to let them induce me/book me in for a CS next week, or dig my heels in and ask for a bit more time to let nature take its course. Ahhhhh, just a small panick. hmm

Beautifulboy1 Tue 29-Apr-14 22:23:10

Ah SizzlesSit I know exactly what you mean! From about 35 weeks I was getting paranoid I was going in labour with every pain/twinge etc but then I kind of just forgot that everyday is one day closer to baby being here!

I am 38 + 5 tomorrow and having my pre op appointment for next Wednesday so whatever happens, spontaneous labour or ELCS I will defo have a baby by next Wednesday!!! I really can't believe it :-)

So TheRealGabster what are you swaying towards? I was saying to my DH today that it is so strange that the most natural thing in the world can cause so many anxieties and how lucky he was to be a man! lol, he quickly replied with a cuppa, cuddle and foot massage, a fair trade for 9 months of aches and pains (he thinks :-)

sambababy Tue 29-Apr-14 23:28:34

Hello ladies! I'm 38+2 today too but a first timer, so on the one hand don't have any DC to look after while I'm knackered but on the other hand, have no idea what I'm in for! Sometimes I'm desperate for signs that things are kicking off, other times I think they can just stay put a bit longer grin

chemas Wed 30-Apr-14 13:49:42

Thanks for advice, I would love to hyphenate my sons name but I'm quite sure his father would not embrace the change, so I'm considering giving my new little one my last name, until my partner and I marry and who knows by then my son may have his own ideAs re his name, and I can then change mine and my daughters name if that's what is chosen, it just doesn't feel right having two children with not only different names to each other but also different names to myself. Does this sound too confusing? This blended family scenario is do difficult I want the best for my beautiful son and now this one due in 6 days, I am still a little confused but my son expressed upset to think that he would not share a name with his sister and Also is having issues with the father role in his life so my thoughts were if the baby had my name it may feel a little more bonded together for him as he is familiar with my name. My partner is completely on board it was in fact his suggestion I just can't help but feel a little worried that I can't get all these pieces fitting just right !

biscuitnoodle Wed 30-Apr-14 16:15:12

Hey ladies please can I join? Im 38+6 and really hoping the week will be it! My DS1 arrived at 39+4 so I have convinced myself that I will not go overdue which might be a mistake!
Positive things for me;
No more heartburn so I can eat tomato foods and soicy curry!
Being able to turn over in bed
Being able to rough play with my DS who is 2 1/2
Being able to bend! Gravity is a bitch at the mo
Seeing DS1 with new baby

SizzlesSit Wed 30-Apr-14 18:30:31

Anyone getting anywhere?

I overdid it today taking DS swimming (after a v bad night where we were both awake over 2 hours) and am shattered. Still no signs of labour though! Am 39 weeks tomorrow.

SizzlesSit Wed 30-Apr-14 18:32:57

Positives for after the birth - BF hormones helping me get back to sleep quickly!

biscuitnoodle Wed 30-Apr-14 19:35:48

Not getting anywhere here... the top of my bump hurts tonight, is that normal?

Nahmate Wed 30-Apr-14 19:49:54

STILL PREGNANT ahhhhhhhhhhh

I have never been pregnant this long, no niggles, twinges, nothing!!!!

Sorry I may be a tad frustrated....

AmberSweet Thu 01-May-14 05:37:58

Just wanted to let everyone know that on the 29th DC2 decided to arrive at 38+3 (he's now snuggled here in my arms arm get a feed grin)

Nahmate Thu 01-May-14 05:54:10

Congratulations amber!!

Well my rant worked waters broke at 4am smile now getting plenty of pains off to hospital now :-) will hopefully update you sooooon!

Xxxx Come on all you comfy babies xxxx

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