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35 weeks and lots of pressure down below!

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Hellymummy Thu 24-Apr-14 15:55:58

This is my second Babba and I'm 35 weeks! When I start walking about I can fee lots of pressure down below and like an achy sort of feeling! Is this normal???? When I took my little girl to nursery today I felt like my Babba was gonna start pushing himself for freedom!!!!!

RedandChecker Thu 24-Apr-14 16:06:33

I was fully engaged at 34 weeks which made the last part of my pregnancy unbearable, lots of pressure, lots of shooting pains etc. I naively thought this meant he'd be on his way soon but he was over due!!

Rest up where you can!

MrsCharlieD Thu 24-Apr-14 18:19:41

Im 33+5 and I've got a horrible aching feeling in my foo. occasionally it's a sharp stabbing twinge. It feels really uncomfortable. Im hoping this is normal, sounds similar to what you are experiencing x

swampusdonkus Thu 24-Apr-14 19:09:57

34+5 here and feel like a bowling bowl is wedged between my legs. Also aches between my legs, and sometimes feels like my insides are going to fall out. Obs has said not engaged at all yet, but she is a large baby and is head down. All sounds quite normal for this stage.

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