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Chicken pox in early pregnancy - different docs disagree on medication

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CathyNoodles Thu 24-Apr-14 14:42:27

Hi all,

I was exposed to Chicken pox when 5 weeks pregnant. My GP gave me an injection of immunoglobulin but it did not prevent me from getting C Pox at 6 and a half weeks. That was on a Saturday so I rang NHS Direct and a doctor told me there was nothing more we could do but ride it out. I suggested to him going on antiviral meds (I had done some research) but he said it was unsuitable for my stage. I then researched more and found they should only be given after 20 weeks. Then my GP rang me a few days later saying she'd talked to a virologist at the hospital who said to get me on those antiviral meds as soon as possible!

The doctors all said they're not experts on this as it is a rare thing to happen and none of them have dealt with it before. Reassuring! I am unsure who's advice to trust... I hoped someone else may have had the same medication in early pregnancy and all was ok?

I also keep turning over in my mind the risks to the baby - and imagining worst case scenarios....

Would like to hear from anyone who's been through/going through similar as I am going a bit stir crazy!


eexcitement Thu 24-Apr-14 15:27:14

So sorry to here you're stressed out.
Unfortunately I don't have experience of this but I though some thoughts might help.
How are you feeling?
The immunoglobulin injection is to prevent illness OR to reduce symptoms. So you stilll got it, but maybe its not too bad a case because you got this treatment early??
If this is true then the possible complications for you (such as pneumonia) should be much lower. So if you're doing fairly well maybe you do just need to look after yourself/ keep being monitored, rather than taking the meds.
For the baby - you already have the infection and you already had the immunoglobulin, which hopefully is reducing the severity. Any risk from the infection itself are very low for baby anyhow and you've had the early treatment lowering them further. The antivirals can only reduce severity of the illness, you will fight it off anyway, so I really think your decision should come down to how bad you have it.

If its not too bad (so the Ig injection did help) then I don't see a major benefit to taking the antivirals.
If you are really bad - and it is looking like serious complications for you are a real possibility, then I would take them. Most medications aren't recommended for early pregnancy, but that does not mean they have proved to be harmful, just that they haven't been proven not to be (which is hard to do). Your baby does need you to be doing fairly OK though.

I will say after a virus in week 28 that really took me down that looking after yourself now if different very to before your pregnant. Regardless of your choice on the antivirals do take care. SLEEP, REST and expect your recovery to take a little longer.

Good luck and hope you're feeling better soon

CathyNoodles Thu 24-Apr-14 16:32:19

Thanks, I am feeling quite well, and the treatment the gave beforehand does seem to have led to a mild attack of c pox. I'm also getting lots of rest.... I guess I am doing everything I can!


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