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sudden skin rash all over body

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noor265 Thu 24-Apr-14 12:55:07


I had very rashy skin which could only be treated by steroid cream (betnovate) while I was growing up. This was usually on my back.legs and breasts. Since I moved to hotter climates 4 years ago the rash disappeared with only very occasional and small flairs. Since about 6 weeks into pregnancy my skin has been a nightmare with flaring patches all over with are getting worse and larger. As far as I know, its not safe to use steroid cream during pregnancy but regular creams are not helping at all. Does anyone have any alternatives which have worked and are safe for pregnancy? Thank you,

arghhelpme Thu 24-Apr-14 13:12:22

I have severe eczema. Have been given a range of steroid creams from my consultant and gp. Some are really potent though so you have to be careful whilst pregnant. Best not to use them long term. Try and see your gp and see what cream they recommend.

I've got dermovate, betnovate and betnovate RD. Consultant said they are fine for me, am 10 weeks. Have other steroid creams for my face though.

noor265 Thu 12-Jun-14 08:59:59

Just bumping this post up because I am still struggling with this and have been refused "real" skin creams by Doctors and Pharmacists here in Dubai. Can't wait to come home and get my hands on the real stuff, but for now does anyone have any temp solutions for this dry and itchy rash?

whereisshe Thu 12-Jun-14 09:04:33

Have you tried an oatmeal bath? Or a milk bath? Both are soothing for skin (you can use milk powder for a milk bath, cheaper).

gatti Thu 12-Jun-14 12:34:07


I soooo feel your pain!! However, as I didn't want to use any steroids during pregnancy especially on my breasts (I am 34 weeks). I do get it flared up occasionally and what works for me is:

- Salty baths (I add sea salt to my bath - I noticed that my eczema cleared completely after holiday when I was bathing in the ocean a lot!)

- marjoram cream/ointment which you can make it at home:
cream unsalted butter with marjoram (1:1) and leave overnight. Then melt it on a hob slowly (careful not to burn) and squeeze through a gauze or muslin cloth. Leave to cool. You should get a greenish ointment which works wonders but you have to be persistent (apply twice a day but be careful as it may stain your clothes a little bit)

Good luck!

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