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Vain question: tankini/bikini + clexane bruises...

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squizita Thu 24-Apr-14 09:02:39

... will people down at my local pool (and the naice spa my friend booked us) think I'm a junkie or have been in fights? grin

I'm 19+6 with a "tidy" style bump, have a spa weekend booked (^all activities pregnancy safe^, getting a mani + pedi with posh polish, using the pool and the jacuzzi, will dip my lower legs in the hot tub but not the bump!). I've been there before, there's lots of lounging by the pool drinking juice. Also, I sometimes go to the local baths for a dip or take mate's kids to the outdoor pool in summer.

I can get away with my pre-pregnancy tankini and bikini, saving a few £ BUT... I have little blue clexane bruises dotting my left/right tummy and upper thighs. If you know about injections, they look like injections - if you don't just weird little bruises. Worried I'll have comments or someone thinking I'm up to no good. shock Should I just buy an overpriced ugly maternity swimsuit? I'm not eager to because tbh I'll probably only use it a handful of times and it isn't the kind of thing that sells on high-value. Tightwad

PenguinsLoveFishFingers Thu 24-Apr-14 09:18:43

I have never met you, but I'm assuming it is unlikely that you look like a junkie!

I'd assume that someone with lots of little bruises like you describe was having to inject a lot for medical reasons. I'd probably guess something like diabetes being affected by pregnancy or something supporting IVF or something, because I know naff all about injections.

Enjoy the spa! Am 40+1 and very jealous of all that relaxing!

squizita Thu 24-Apr-14 10:09:37

Thanks Penguin grin I hope I don't look dodgy!

Actually I have a reputation amongst my mates for being a make-up-and-hair "addict" if any addiction were to be named... so FX as you say, people will rightly assume it's just a medical thing.

goodasitgets Thu 24-Apr-14 10:13:38

You'll be fine smile
Not pregnant but I do pole fitness which means I am usually covered in bruises and I wear stuff that shows them
The only time it got commented on was when I went for a smear, they were horrendous bruises though all over my legs and thighs grin

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