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How did you choose a cotbed, and what did you go for? Also, did your LO chew the rails?

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Applesauce29 Wed 23-Apr-14 22:36:27

I'm trying to decide between the Boori sleigh (£600) and the JL Rachel cotbed (£180).

Love the Boori one, although it doesn't come with teething rails, and don't think it's really worth it if LO is going to chew it to bits. Also doesn't have a standard mattress size which is likely to make buying bedding difficult.

Rachel cotbed is also lovely, although it looks less sturdy. It has teething rails though, and looks v.cute as a toddler bed.

How did you decide on cotbed, and what were your main priorities on what it had to have (drop side, mattress levels, teething rails etc)?

I'm a first time mum so pretty clueless on what you really need.

mssleepyhead Thu 24-Apr-14 06:39:56

The price difference would probably make my decision for me on that one! Expecting my first too and have gone for a cot rather than a cot bed as I hope around two years to have a second baby and don't want to have to buy a second expensive cot bed. Plan instead to put baby 1 into a regular bed just before 2 and then have the cot free for baby 2.

And I would bank on baby chewing the cot - my sister's cot (out for a second time now) is chewed to bits! Very cute : )

IShallCallYouSquishy Thu 24-Apr-14 06:47:08

My DD is 23 months and still in her cot bed (mamas and papas Rialto) and she has never chewed the bars. Or at least never left any marks if she had that I've not known about.

Not all babies will chew!

scarlettsmummy2 Thu 24-Apr-14 07:04:21

We have the white company cot bed. Neither baby chewed it!

TravellingToad Thu 24-Apr-14 07:13:18

I have the boori sleigh cotbed. I love it it's gorgeous.

Never been chewed and we bought the recommended mattress and sheets for it so no trouble bedding wise.

Get the boori if you can afford it, it's a lovely piece of furniture that will last.

strawberrie Thu 24-Apr-14 07:22:13

We have a Rachel cotbed. It's been a good buy; never felt flimsy to me. I don't recall either of mine really chewing the cot bars though!

RoseberryTopping Thu 24-Apr-14 08:33:03

I have a simple Mamas and Papas cot, it has 2 different mattress levels, drop sides and a protector bit on the sides for chewy babies. It's lasted for 3 babies up until they were each coming up 3 so far and I'll be using it again for this baby.

I think you should go for the cheaper option tbh. There is no way you need to spend £600 on a cot!

Sleepyfergus Thu 24-Apr-14 08:40:22

I have a £99 cot from John Lewis which looks much more expensive then it was, and neither of mine chewed the rails. I think £600 plus being restricted to their mattress and bedding is very expensive, but if that amt of money is not an issue for you then go for it. I'd rather save the money and get a lovely bed and bedding sets for when your LO transitions from the cot.

They really don't need anything sophisticated, just something h that conforms to H&S standards and a decent mattress.

TKKW Thu 24-Apr-14 10:07:42

No help with cot bed as we've just put DC1 from a 120cm long cot into a full size single.

When DC1 was in cot, they never chewed bars or bit into them. Ive actually never heard of this!!

thereisnoeleventeen Thu 24-Apr-14 10:36:13

We had a cot in the end which worked out well because by the time the next DC came along the older one was ready to go from the cot into a proper bed, so a cot-bed wouldn't have seen the full use.

None of mine chewed the rails particularly but they all used to hold onto the side of the cot and jump up and down...this is what killed it eventually!

CommanderShepard Thu 24-Apr-14 10:39:36

DD has never chewed the rails. I didn't bother with a cotbed though - she has a standard cot and will go into a standard single when she's outgrown her cot.

Applesauce29 Thu 24-Apr-14 15:33:39

Thank you everyone for your input. I'm going to have another look at both at the wkd and then decide, but veering more towards Rachel one now smile

Pobblewhohasnotoes Thu 24-Apr-14 15:36:36

We have a Boori cotbed and it's lovely. DS is 2 and has never chewed the rails. I like that it has a drop side, it's really handy. Especially now I'm expecting DC.2 and I can't reach!

Clargo55 Thu 24-Apr-14 17:09:29

Have you had a look at the Mamas and Papas Mia cotbed? It's on sale ATM down from £349 to £170 (with the current 10% off).

MrsRV Sat 26-Apr-14 21:26:24

I was googling bed guards earlier and up popped cot protector thingys.... u can buy the plastic rail protectors separately. .. argos I think. Put in bed guard... think its first thing on the list.

However, my DD never chewed her cot & all still pristine for baby no. 2.

TravellingToad Sat 26-Apr-14 21:59:47

I've genuinely never heard of a baby chewing their cot. Is it common?

icklekid Sun 27-Apr-14 03:14:34

For £600 we decorated our whole nursery, got cot bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers/changing table. A really beautiful set, plus new paint and fab wall stickers. I know it's not all necessary but love our nursery. I couldn't have justified that cost on 1 item unless planning a lot of babies to use it in the future!!!

GoooRooo Sun 27-Apr-14 06:42:01

We got out cot from Ikea and it was free as we had vouchers given to us by them when we bought our kitchen there - although I don't think they're that expensive anyway. It's been great - so great that I think we'll have trouble persuading DS to give it up for DC2.

Busymumto3dc Sun 27-Apr-14 06:43:51

Our cot is a mothercare one

I paid £60 for it as it was on offer and it's lovely I think full price it's about £100

It's not a cot bed as we already have a single for her to go into so a cot bed seemed a waste

Busymumto3dc Sun 27-Apr-14 06:44:31

Oh and it has teething rails

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