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The Rage

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TwigletFiend Wed 23-Apr-14 20:41:04

Sorry to be a whinger, but arrrrrrggggggggh!!

My DP has so far been unexcited but has made an effort to be interested in our DC. But today, The Rage has hit me.

All he's done since I got home (at 7.30, having left the house at 6 this morning to do horse, morning job, full office day, horse, come home & cook dinner) is snap and moan and generally GET RIGHT ON MY TITS.

I appreciate that he works hard. I even appreciate that he's had a stressful day. However... I AM GESTATING AN ENTIRE HUMAN BEING HERE. So don't tell me you're too tired to cook, you have back ache and oh, you think I'm 'doing too much' & that it's irresponsible (implied, to be fair, not stated). I DON'T CARE!

...Ok. I feel better now.

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