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Breast feeding pain.

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Sweetpea86 Wed 23-Apr-14 20:06:00

So had my little man last Saturday. And seemed to pic up breast feeding ok had a few problems with positions due to having an emcs. Ended up in a state last night as it was so painful and couldn't get him to latch on.
My hubby ended up phoning help and a lovely midwife came to ours at 9 last night.

Got the hang of latching on.

My milk came in last night so boobs are like boulders and nips are very tender.

I just wanted to know how will I stop nips being so sore when I'm feeding one to two hours.

I've got ice packs the miracle saving breast cream which I apply before and after and I even express milk before feeding to relieve pain.

Please tell me this pain will go as I know I'm defo getting him latched on in the correct way.

I've felt much more positve today but as the day goes on nips get more sore. Plus having pain from section isn't helping

missmagnum Wed 23-Apr-14 20:12:58

You poor thing. They don't prepare you for the pain of breast feeding at all, but it does go and this hard bit doesn't usually last very long. Just need to give your nipples to toughen up a bit, in the meantime, try lanisoh (sp?) and dabbing a bit of your milk and leaving it to dry on your nipples.

I found the initial latching on really painful but by the time I had counted to 30, it had stopped and counting took my mind off it.


missmagnum Wed 23-Apr-14 20:14:06

* give your nipples time. I meant to say!

GuybrushThreepwoodMightyPirate Wed 23-Apr-14 20:14:32

It gets easier! If you're sure you've got the latch sorted (so not pain due to bad latch) then I suggest letting your nipples get as much air as possible (sit around with your top off!) and keep using the lansinoh cream to help things along. Once your milk has settled down it will get less painful.

Congratulations on your new baby and on persevering this far with Breastfeeding!

Tambajam Wed 23-Apr-14 20:18:55

When you are engorged, it really isn't a normal state of affairs. The shape of your breast can often make latching trickier as the areola doesn't compress as easily and baby's effectively latching onto a bowling ball. This can mean the nipple doesn't get back as far and ends up rubbing on baby's hard palate.

You may well find things get easier over the next 24hrs as the engorgement fades.

If you're latching well, you should find your nipple comes out elongated but not flattened/ squished/ lipstick-shaped/ ridged.

Sweetpea86 Wed 23-Apr-14 20:36:22

Thanks ladies. Tomorrow I will show midwife my technique to make sure I've got it. How you have described were my nipple comes out a lot longer is happening. But it does some times slightly squashed so I'm obviously still struggling to latch him on.

I want to breastfeed so bad it has to be one of the most challenging things I've ever done lol.

Oh yes that's the cream I have the lanisioh which is really good and I've whipped my top off to let them air off.

I just hope the pain is because of previous problems and will fade soon.

Baby does love his food and looks like he's going to bite my nipple off every time he comes near me lol

redexpat Wed 23-Apr-14 20:39:05

Well done! No mean feat that.

BakingBunty Wed 23-Apr-14 21:01:02

Congratulations on the birth of your son!

I found the breast and bottle feeding section in body and soul an absolute godsend in the early days of breastfeeding with DS. I would link but embarrassingly not sure how!

ithoughtofitfirst Wed 23-Apr-14 21:54:35

I sometimes used to express a bit of milk off to make my boobs a bit more easy to shape cause if they were engorged the nipple shape was hard for ds to latch on to

It gets easier!! Well done woman you're one seriously cool mummy

snapple21 Wed 23-Apr-14 22:05:55

I got sharp pain when latching/the milk let down for the first couple of weeks it made my toe curl. We are now in week five and it's feeling a lot better. Hang in there it really is hard at first but so worth it now.

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