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Polyhydramnios....anybody had this?

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Boogles91 Wed 23-Apr-14 18:45:22

So 28wks scan today and baby is measuring off scales along with that. Just wondered if anyone has had similar and got any stories on experience. I domt quite know what will happen and dont want to google lol i passed my gtt not long had it done. And theyve told me as they seen the babys tummy on u/s that he is fine. X

Pregnantagain7 Wed 23-Apr-14 19:57:32

I've had it but mine was down to undiagnosed gd, so a bit different they induced me early but that was down to the gd not excess fluid. Did they say if the are going to repeat the gtt? If not I think I would ask for it another sign of gd is a large baby.
Of course it might not be gd you might just make big babys! I'm not sure about other causes sorry! One thing they did say was that if my waters went I must go to hospital ASAP call an ambulance if necessary as there is a higher chance of cord prolapse with a excess waters, everything was find with me and I hope it will be for you.

Oh and don't worry about the size of your baby my last was huge and the birth was fine smile

Boogles91 Wed 23-Apr-14 22:45:36

I do keep an eye on my sugars as my mums type 2 so i always check when im round smile wich i go down to see parents about 2 times a week. Thats why they arent bothered about a repeat as they know im doing my own checks. My kidneys blocked aswell wich causes me alot of pain. I had a feeling i was carrying excess fluid as my belly grew huge in a week! I just want everything to run smoothly, they said his belly was too big but the midwife dunt seem bothered by it :s feel a bit scared tbh dont want anything to be wrong with our lil man. Even though the consultant and midwife says he is ok just big for 28wks.

Thankyou for your reply smile xx

Pregnantagain7 Thu 24-Apr-14 09:49:58

I wouldn't worry if the midwives aren't concerned, he could just be a big boy! They will probably keep an eye on you (as I'm sure they are already because of your kidney)
My first two (girls) were 7lb6 and 7lb13 and then my boy was 10lb8! Absolutely no reason for it defo not gd as I was checked every few weeks because I had a history of it. He was fine just a chunky monkey! smile

Boogles91 Thu 24-Apr-14 16:05:37

Wow 0.0 that was a big difference between your lil buggers :D bet you was wondering where the hell did that come from lol youve helped me worry less thankyou smile yeh i have gotta have regular scans from now on, wich i dont mind get to see lil man :D hehehe x

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