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Was this pregnancy?

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eastegg Wed 23-Apr-14 15:30:04

There's nothing I can do about this and I'll probably never know but here goes. We're not trying to conceive, have 2 boys, but we had unprotected sex at a time I think was fairly close to ovulation. Then 4 to 5 days later I had this weird aching in the lower abdomen, developed over the next day or so into what felt like muscular strain round he general abdo area. It felt like I'd run a marathon and pulled all the muscles. I went to the docs with it that evening it was so unusual, he did lots of checks including pg test which was negative. He wasn't able to say what the pain was, he was obv trying to rule out anything serious and concluded it was prob muscular and to keep an eye on it. It got better over the next few days.
Next thing we went on holiday, I had a period which was earlier than expected by a few days. It 'behaved' differently from normal, heavier and more consistently heavy, although not longer than normal. I felt very tearful at times which was unusual, although the kids were playing up a lot!
Could I have been pg? If so, would it be possible for the test the Dr did to be neg? Is it possible for a miscarriage to cause bleeding earlier than an expected period?

VaselineOnToast Thu 24-Apr-14 17:40:29

It could have been the beginnings of a pregnancy - it might have shown up negative on a normal pregnancy test (rather than a super sensitive one) since the hormone levels wouldn't have risen enough for it to be detected.

squizita Thu 24-Apr-14 17:45:31

You will never know. Experts say that many pgs fail just as they 'implant' - a few days before your period, but on the other hand it could be an early period. If you had a negative test, it may be emotionally easier to chalk this up as an irregular cycle.

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