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pregnancy hormones

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mummytobeabs Wed 23-Apr-14 12:04:36

thankyou so much for your reply hormones suck! yes I usually can have my good days too but when I have my down days I really get down. I started having these from around 16 weeks, but they have progressed to get worse, I feel exactly the same.. I have a midwife appointment this afternoon do you think I should meantion something to her? i just have a horrid fear I'll never get back to normal again hmm! hope you feel better soon thanks x

Missvaughan85 Wed 23-Apr-14 11:57:19

I went to see my midwife 2 weeks ago for exactly the same thing. I keep thinking irrationally. When my husband walked out the door last week to go to work I felt really alone and like he was leaving me.
I have irrational thoughts that my daughter who's 6 and our new daughter who's due on aug will look so different people will judge me and question me about them.
My emotions go round in circles, one minute I'm fine the next day I can be really sad. It started at about 20 weeks. Not feeling to bad this week.

I had an idea. I decided to write down my feeling as soon as I had it. I then wrote underneath all the reasons why it wasn't true. And kept reading it until that feeling disappeared. It's also a great way to see what triggers it.

mummytobeabs Wed 23-Apr-14 11:42:38

hello all! I'm just wondering if anyone else is suffering from the pregnancy hormones? before getting pregnant I always trusted my other half but now I'm so anxious that he's else where or that he's falling out of love with me, but when I think about it.. I have no reason what so ever to doubt him.. I've confronted him many times and questioned him if he still loves me, and he always tells me nothing's changed and he loves me more than ever hmm it just seems so hard to believe! it's really getting me down and I find myself getting upset over it, I hope I'm not the only one it is my first pregnancy so I am new to it all ! thankyou in advance smile xxxx baby boy due 31-05-2014

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