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Seat unit on travel system?

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TKKW Wed 23-Apr-14 11:37:03

A re-post as hoping to get some responses from first/second time parents:

I have just bought a "budget" travel system for DC2 due in a few days because last time it was torture without a parent facing buggy: dc1 wanted to see me etc. Planning to sling first fews weeks and then get out walking.

Just as an aside:
annoyingly, everything second hand on ebay/preloved/gumtree was filthy (banana dried on it/ mould etc) in my area and would have been too much work to scrub and dry out.

The seat unit lies flat so is ok for new born accord to manufacturer. Last time we bought ended up buying a really good second hand reversible chair pushchair and I remember there was a tiny little bit of "give" or slight movement when the chair unit was clicked into place so that it moved just a centimetre.

Kind of assumed that that was to cope with minor bumps etc when moving.

This new pushchair is the same but Id say moves about 1-2 cm. Does that sound right?

Customer service said they weren't near showroom and 40 miles away from nearest shop and DH has my car for the next few weeks.

DH is perfectly content that it seems safe.

Anybody have anything like this with their seats?

TKKW Wed 23-Apr-14 21:03:25

Anyone able to help?

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