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GracieLoo Mon 21-Apr-14 20:15:51

Sorry I've posted about this before, a couple of weeks ago. In first trimester, and struggling to sleep at night or get comfortable at times during the day because I'm itching all over and it's driving me crazy!

There's no rash, it's just itchy! I mentioned it to my GP but was told they're not concerned unless it's in the last trimester. I've been suffering from sickness too but I'm not dehydrated. Maybe it's just one of those irritating symptoms we have to deal with. Not looking forward to going to bed though.

jamwi Mon 21-Apr-14 21:15:15

The only thing that stops my pregnancy itching is a bath with loads of baby oil in it. Just have to be careful getting in and out! Works better than any moisturiser I've found so far.

Beautifulboy1 Mon 21-Apr-14 21:17:15

Hi GracieLoo, I had the same when I fell with both my boys, I suppose it depends on the reason for the itching. I know in 3rd Trimester they are worried that itching is a sign of Liver trouble but I think my early itching was to do with hormone changes.

The good news is that it did stop! Some mornings I would wake up covered with scratches and my husband said it looked like I had been attacked! I started to buy Oilatum, it is a liquid you add to the bath and turns it a milky colour, it is abit expensive but you only need a cap full.

It stops dry skin and then to make sure I would apply a moisturiser as well, also I started to drink more water, I don't know which helped the most but all together certainly stopped it!

Hope this helps! Let me know x

GracieLoo Mon 21-Apr-14 21:32:10

My skin doesn't feel dry, the itchiness feels under the skin. However I've had a bath, scrubbed my arms and legs, put cream all over and got a window open. Now lying in bed feeling like bugs are crawling all over me sad. I keep flinching like I've got a nervous twitch.

Sorry I'll stop moaning now feeling really sick too.

mylittlemonkey Mon 21-Apr-14 22:33:15

I have had itching too in my last and this pg. I am pretty sure it is a reaction to the hormones. I would scratch until I bled sometimes. I found the best thing was to use pure aloe Vera which seemed to reduce the urge to itch enough to ignore/ tolerate it.

Beautifulboy1 Tue 22-Apr-14 16:28:31

I never had dry skin either, as mylittlemonkey said it just relaxes you a bit more, plus the rubbing of cream may help the blood flow possibly?!

I used to scratch my thighs, stomach, legs, arms and even breasts and even do it in my sleep so you have my deepest sympathy!

I had an epidural with DS1 due to an EMCS and I was up all night scratching almost to tears, apparently the nurse told me it was either a side effect I was having or/and my hormones going crazy due to the quick birth?!

I hope it eases off soon! Let us know if you find a cure xx

CleverWittyUsername Tue 22-Apr-14 18:18:38

Hiya I posted about this the other day! I've been up countless nights now and it's got worse not eased off. I'm in second tri so the GP wasn't overly worried, however has given me various supplements to try in case it is a deficiency, and has also done blood tests (waiting for results) to rule out anything suspicious to do with the liver problems. I am finding aloe vera aftersun gel from the fridge quite helpful! Also the Body Shop shea body whip seems to cool my skin right down after I've accidentally had a massive scratch and puts a stop to the itch in that exact place, whereas E45 type lotions seem to aggravate me and doesn't stop the itch. It's pricey but it has helped me get some sleep!

WorkingBling Tue 22-Apr-14 18:24:14

As someone whose itching was ignored until 38 weeks at which point they finally did a test, discovered I had obstetric cholestasis and panicked, I am of the opinion that insisting on a blood test is the right approach.

In meantime, aloe Vera does help. My gp also allowed me to take an anti histamine when desperate, no more than once a week. I think it's also worth changing all soaps etc - I had to use baby shampoo and e45 soap thoroughout my pregnancy.

GracieLoo Tue 22-Apr-14 19:47:44

Thank you for all the tips. I'm guessing it probably is hormones. I'll mention it to the midwife but she'll say it's one of those 'normal symtoms' like everything is!

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