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Urine infection feeling paranoid HELP

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LBNM19 Mon 21-Apr-14 15:31:24

I have a urine infection started on amoxicillin hasn't helped so went back to doctors today and started on cephalexin I've been taking parcetomol daily because of the pain I'm in with my back and really worried I'm going to harm the baby I'm just over 13 weeks pregnant and have my scan tomorrow and convincing my myself there's going to be no heart beat because of it.

I also had a CVS test at 11 weeks because I had a 1 in 4 chance of genetic condition so has been quite a hard time (I'm also worried it could be infection from CVS and not a urine infection)

My symptoms are urinating alot! Shivering, back pain, increased discharge I've been extra tired and just don't feel right.

Very worried ��

Boogles91 Mon 21-Apr-14 17:59:56

Its sounds like you might have a kidney infection instead! Where abouts is the pain in your back? Is it where your rib cage is and radiating to your side and between your hip? Ive suffered my whole life with uti's and kidney infections so i feel your pain. Your antibiotics sound like theyre not working as you sound like you have a bad fever with it(the shivering) go back to your docs for an emergency appmnt. Tell them you think it might be a kidney infection as this can turn into septacemia like mine always did, and that is very serious! Sometimes they dont show up in your water and the only way to diagnose is through blood test really. I never had any warning of my kidneys infections, just woke up one day and felt like i just wanted to curl up on the floor! The pain was on one side and it hurt to breathe, i was hot and cold and shivering, couldnt stop being sick, my body was agony! And i somehow managed to stay at work all day! But when i got home i collapsed and hubby called an ambulance, once i. Hospital they took bloods and told me was kidney infection and its turned into sepsis aswell. You doc will only prescribe medication thats safe for you and baby so dw on that side of things x

CoolCat2014 Mon 21-Apr-14 19:20:35

With the above poster, to my inexperienced unmedical mind it sounds more like a kidney infection. I'd suggest phoning out of hours or NHS direct for some advice, or go and see a gp.

Hope you feel better!

frankiebuns Mon 21-Apr-14 20:03:18

I'm on antis all the time I'm currently on nitrofurin aslong as u stay within normal doseage limits then ull befine dr told me that! I hate taking tablets butthey wouldn't say it was safe unless it was I'm on betablockers vit d aspirin antibiotics and couple others!and its nessceary but I hate it, my gp told me co codamol and ibrufen if really struggling!

bloated1977 Tue 22-Apr-14 00:21:45

I had bad kidneys the whole way through my pregnancy from 10 weeks to birth and took cephalexin every day along with paracetamol, codine and morphine. Double check with your GP though incase he wants to prescribe something stronger.

LBNM19 Thu 24-Apr-14 06:40:17

Thanks everyone for your replies, I've not been back to the doctors yet feeling a bit better but still shaking so I defiantly will, my baby is fine and growing nicely at scan so pleased about that smile

Weegiemum Thu 24-Apr-14 06:49:29

I had repeated kidney infections and kidney stones in 2 pregnancies. Don't be too worried, they're really careful with medication, and I was on really strong painkillers for 2-3 years but am fine now! Ds is off on his P7 residential trip and dd2 is driving me a bit nuts - they're 12 and 10 and none the worse for the morphine they ingested as foetuses!

Do keep an eye on the pain, there's lots can be done to manage it, even if it is stones (and you're more likely to form them in pregnancy). All the best xx

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