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pre eclampsia worries

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frankiebuns Mon 21-Apr-14 10:39:06

Last week I went to hospital on referal from my dr, I saw a obnoxious dr who blamed me for my midwifes wrong doings unfortunatly he made me feel bad and was the same dr who told me to go home for a planned induction as I didn't want to get a midwife off of holiday, with ds my bp was right down in hospital I think its relief as I was finally in the right place, he told me I had whitecoat hypertension, but my bp is up at home so he said they will do a PET blood test and told me to go home and phone at midnight for results had a midwife said ur urates r up and it doesn't matter go to bed, so thankfully I had midwife the next morning I had two sit me down and talked me through pre eclampsia which I had starts of, they said southampton hospital would take me at 23 weeks which is now only 9 days away but no one has said how fast pre eclampsia takes hold, wentg to walk in yesterday and protien was upbut that might have been due to bladder infection ????!!! I hope but now seeing midwife every week for PET blood test I'm already on highest dose of beta blockers hey want to give me I have headaches feel sick and swollen but help!

lizardqueenie Tue 22-Apr-14 04:36:05

Hi Frankie

Wow a lot for you to take in, was the referral from your GP to the hospital on the basis of taking your BP/ doing a urine test?

I had pre-eclampsia late on when I had my DD,my BP didn't start going up until I was around 34 weeks so it is difficult to say how quickly it can take hold but the hospital will now keep an eye on you and monitor you regularly. Make sure you let them know if you have headaches. The swelling although fairly normal for lots of ladies in pregnancy can also be a sign of pre-eclampsia. With the protein in your urine again that can indicate PE but could also be the sign of a urine infection.

There is some help, advice and information here:

Have a chat with your midwife- do they have a number that you can call when you do not have an appointment, a bit like a hotline for advice? Hopefully you will be able to have a chat with someone who can explain things better until you get into the hospital at 23 weeks. Good luck & take care smile

MrsGiraffe12 Tue 22-Apr-14 05:34:33

Hi Frankie.
What a worrying time for you! I myself have also had pre eclampsia and know how frightening it was.

For myself it developed very quickly I'm afraid. I saw a gp on at 32 weeks exactly the Monday for an ear infection and they did BP and urine tests then and there as it was a high risk pregnancy. Both came back completely normal. Then on the Thursday at 32+3 I had my routine midwife appointment and my BP and urine protein were through the roof so I got admitted to hospital. DS was born 19 hours later

Saying that, the care we got was amazing and kind, and both of us were well enough to come home 6 weeks later

Obviously at 23 weeks it would be a much longer stay but I was in Southampton NICU as a baby in 1986 born at 24 weeks and my parents really rated them then so I'm guessing it can only be better these days. Good luck and keep us posted x

Ps - PM me if you have any questions about pre eclamlsia at all xx

frankiebuns Tue 22-Apr-14 10:57:53

Hi lizard queenie, my community midwife was concerned with bp so she wouldn't let me leave drs until I had seen a dr his words were I dnt deal with pregnant ladies I'll send u up to hospital, I didn't do anything yesterday and I was like a baloon! I'm seeing midwife tomorrow as I'm just after 22 weeks, she's a fighter so have every faith , but no one has been honest with except for last week and I hate that. I like to be ready for nething and now know where southampton hospital is!

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