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dicky tummy

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Mummywithlove Sat 19-Apr-14 16:08:41

Hello all im around 4/5weeks preg and this past week every time I eat food I feel sick after (not actually sick though) is it my body changing of am I ill?
and another thing now the weather if finally warming up I have suddenly got a blocked nose it isn't runny its my sinuses and my eyes feel puffed up a bit,, could this be hay fever, if it is ive never had problems before and never knew I had it! could u all help??

squizita Sat 19-Apr-14 16:17:40

Yep sounds normal. Unfortunately part and parcel of trimester 1! smile

Usually gets better about week 10 though.

Mummywithlove Sat 19-Apr-14 16:24:31

thank u grin its horrible I keep thinking I better have something to eat other wise I will starve baby and after I've ate I think what the hell I shouldn't of done that lol biscuit
thanks again x

MrsMonkeyBear Sat 19-Apr-14 16:54:32

I had terrible sinus problems for the first 8 weeks, lots of steaming Vicks bowls and sitting in the bathroom with the shower running full pelt. It does help. Also keep the windows open as much as possible. It's all down to your blood flow changing, so don't worry. If it persists and you start to get itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing 24/7, it's hay fever.

As for the feeling sick, that's normal too. Try to eat little and often. I found bland foods the best. Beans on toast, small amounts of cheese, yogurts, cous cous and pasta were my best friends for the first few weeks. Little by little I added other things in, chicken, white fish, hard boiled eggs and steak.

I'm now 13 weeks and pretty much back to normal, just avoiding the stuff on the "restricted" list.


Mummywithlove Mon 21-Apr-14 10:05:55

thank u Mrs monkey bear I haven't been sneezing yet lol and even when I eat a a round or toast it makes me feel sick. weird .. I've started taking pregnancy vitamins and tbh ive not need to bad.. thanks again for the reply ,x

mylittlemonkey Mon 21-Apr-14 18:20:18

All sounds exactly how I have been feeling from approx 5 weeks until now being 10 weeks. All part of the glamour I am afraid. Try eating small amounts often rather than big meals 3 times a day

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