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15 weeks pregnant; had chest infection for last 8 weeks pregnant :-(

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MakeUpVirgin Sat 19-Apr-14 12:16:24

So am feeling rubbish - blocked nose, severe cough (resulting in cracked rib!), headache & generally run down.
Am on second course of antibiotics & occasionally taking paracetamol when headache really bad.
Morning sickness just about under control though do suffer from nausea still.
Put on about 10lbs already so feel fat & unattractive (maternity clothes don't help nor the lack of energy to have a shower!).

Just wondered if:
(a) anyone else feel like this?
(b) how can I make myself feel better?
& most importantly
(c) please reassure me that new baby will be ok despite me being so poorly

Thank you!

MakeUpVirgin Sat 19-Apr-14 12:20:10

Sorry title should read ' 15 weeks pregnant; had chest infection for last 8 weeks'

rallytog1 Sat 19-Apr-14 18:51:33

I'm afraid I can't tell you any tips to make yourself feel better, but I was exactly the same as you and my daughter turns 1 on Tuesday! I was terrified that my illness plus the antibiotics would be bad for her, but she is a happy, healthy little girl and there have been no ill effects. You must be feeling terrible - do look after yourself and try not to worry about the baby, it won't be doing any harm.

Kantha Sat 19-Apr-14 19:07:36

Me!! I feel like this!! Although you sound worse, I'm yet to crack a rib.

11 weeks pregnant, chesty cough and cold for last 6 weeks. Coughing first thing has been enough to turn morning sickness nausea into retching each day this week.

Not on antibiotics for the chest but have been on 2 different sets of antibiotics over the last month to try and clear a leg infection.

Don't have any help to offer but did want to offer some understanding and sympathy. thanks

BaldHedgehog Sat 19-Apr-14 22:17:44

Got pregnant in September, stinking cold and barking cough from November till the end of February with a nice break for Christmas and few days in January. Baby's fine but my pelvic floor is in not a good condition...

surromummy Sat 19-Apr-14 22:23:54

Im 18wks Ive just had bronchitis, ear infection and virus since beginning of march, I didn't get my hearing back for almost a month- I was getting v concerned it wouldn't return! finally started feelling better last week and just a bit of a runny nose now, but boy was the last 7wks hellsad

things I did were taking extra supplements of vit c+d, drinking lots and drinking prebiotic yogurt drinks. don't think it helped that much but felt like I was giving myself the best chance iyswim!

MakeUpVirgin Sun 20-Apr-14 10:35:37

Thank you so much for your responses.
It's just been a nightmare! I have an 18 month old too so it's not been that easy to rest (though DH has been a massive help!).
I certainly wasn't this poorly in my first pregnancy!
Thanks for the reassurance that baby is fine, that is obviously the main thing.
Hope you all get well soon too!

HopefulHamster Mon 21-Apr-14 10:20:35

I am just coming up to 16 weeks and have been full of cold for most of this pregnancy! It's especially irritating because in my last one I wasn't ill at all - I'd never felt so good.

It got particularly bad around 11/12 weeks - I'd got so congested that although I'd never had morning sickness to that point, I'd end up gagging while brushing my teeth/or coughing, then throwing up to get all the mucus out. Sorry I know it's grim.

It just finished last week but by that point I was worried all the coughing etc could damage the baby - I know it's not supposed to, but still.

I suspect I just managed to miss an actual chest infection, which is lucky. Just want to get by without getting ill again now!

Kantha Tue 22-Apr-14 11:58:50

Back to the drs this morning and officially have a chest infection and more antibiotics for the chest and the leg infections hmm. Don't feel like it's going to work for either.

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