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Do babies with downs syndrome move less in the womb?

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prekky Tue 22-Aug-06 22:09:19

Hi Im 20 yaers old and nearly 39 weeks pregnant. Throughout my pregnancy I have had a few problems with the baby being in active in the womb whcih as you can imagine is really quite worrying. I recently red a magazine article where a lady had had an in active baby and whn she was born it turned out the little girl as downs syndrome. I never felt the need to have any of the tests done as it makes no difference but just wondered if anyone else had heard this or had any advice on it? xx

eidsvold Tue 22-Aug-06 22:25:40

the only time my dd1 ( who has down syndrome) slowed down was in the last couple of weeks when I had lost amniotic fluid and my dopplers were poor. Otherwise she was active and you could almost set your clock by her.

laundrylover Tue 22-Aug-06 23:36:52

Prekky, I too have heard this but it isn't a hard and fast rule. On the flipside my DD1 was very inactive and it was just because she was small and I couldn't feel her.
You are 39 weeks pregnant and very soon you will have a gorgeous baby who will love whatever. Please don't lose any sleep over this - enjpy those quiet nights while you can!!!

HyacinthB Tue 22-Aug-06 23:53:43

Couldn't feel many movements at all with my dd - it can be affected by the position of the baby etc. She was born without Downs.

eidsvold Wed 23-Aug-06 03:55:35

even in the last couple of weeks when she slowed - she was still moving the acceptable no of times iyswim. Remember you are 39 weeks and it must be getting a little cramped for the baby.

geekgrrl Wed 23-Aug-06 06:48:32

replied to you on the other thread - my dd with DS moved just as much as my other babies.
Try not to stress and enjoy your last few days of peace and freedom.

prekky Wed 23-Aug-06 09:05:36

Thanks everyone for your comments, I am a natural worrier any how. My partner thinks i am mad but because I have red this its all i keep thinking about. I love my baby no matter what its just one of those things which i have got stuck in my head. Did anyone else have a baby that was in active the whole way through their pregnancy, friends keep telling me she is just lazy do hope so!!

1Baby1Bump Wed 23-Aug-06 09:13:20

both of mine moved regularly but there is a huge amount of difference between the two pregs.
i am due anytime now and this baby is constantly moving.
ds1 moved much much less and now i have a very lazy 1 year old!!
he wont feed himself for example- hes totally not interested. if i offer him a sandwich or something he wont take it from me, he'll lean forward to take a bite!!
he had me worried several times during the preg.
apparently he spent a lot of time kicking inwards too rather than outwards so i couldnt feel it.
i was 22 when he was born.
i will be 23 when this one is born.
i didnt have the tests done either as like you, it wouldnt have mattered to me, i would still have carried on and had him.
i think also u may be worrying because u didnt have the tests. i definately worried because i didnt.

prekky Wed 23-Aug-06 09:16:25

yeah i think that is definatly the case. I have been to hospitial a number of times to go on the ctg monitor and every time the babies trace has been brilliant they have told me, I wonder if she is kicking inwards like towards my back prehaps and not outwards. I have had a 4d scan so i keep thinking that if baby had downs syndrome it would have been picked up but i don't know. When are you due?

geekgrrl Wed 23-Aug-06 09:27:57

prekky, I've heard that this can also be due to the location of your placenta - if it's at the front you won't feel much movement apparently.

prekky Wed 23-Aug-06 10:52:19

Oh right thanks thats really interesting because im pretty sure that they told me that mine was at the front. you said your baby moved jsut as much how much movemant is normal ish fo at the end of your pregnancy

geekgrrl Wed 23-Aug-06 10:57:06

prekky, I'm not sure and I can't remember how much they moved (I just remember that there was a considerable amount of wriggliness in all three pregnancies) - I think there are some clear guidelines on this though and if you're worried keep a kick chart.
this place says that you should feel 10 movements in 2 hours at a time of day that your baby tends to be active.

prekky Wed 23-Aug-06 10:59:43

oh right ok thanks for your help, I am just a bit of a worrier, I know that at the moment i don't nesscially feel movements just nudges and shuffles, hopefully this is normal x x

prekky Wed 23-Aug-06 21:07:07

Just had a commemnt from someone saying that yes this is true babies with downs don't move in the womb, so am excepctionally worried now!!

Thomcat Wed 23-Aug-06 21:41:08

Absolute bollocks whoever told you that prekky!
I have a wonderful daughter who is 4 yrs old now, actually she'll be 5 in dec. Anyway, she moved LOADS and she has Down's syndrome. She moved just as much, if not more than my 2nd daughter.
So whoever told you babies with DS don't move knows nothing. Send them to me for a bollocking and relax hon'

katyjo Wed 23-Aug-06 22:35:13

prekky, I worried about everything during pregnancy and nothing will really stop you from worrying now, you will be fine and the baby will be fine but you won't believe it until you hold your baby in your arms. Unfortunately worrying is just part and parcel of being a mother, there are very few mothers who didn't have concerns before their baby is born I kept having horrible nightmares and worried that I wasn't maternal, wouldn't love my baby etc etc. Stop worrying, please you'll drive yourself scatty, you'll soon be meeting your lovely little one and he/she will be perfect in every way!!

Rosieglow Wed 23-Aug-06 22:37:43

Really don't worry about not feeling much movement. I hardly felt anything with my DS. I never kept a kick chart because I would have been down the GPs everyday - typically only felt a couple of movements in a whole day. I had the placenta at the front & also he faced my spine most of the time which I think explains it. Sounds like it could be the same for you.

Now DD, on the other hand, trampolened around in me non-stop - the 10 kicks for a kick chart would have been done before I even got out of bed!

Anyway, Good luck to you

HumphreysCorner Wed 23-Aug-06 22:43:28

My DD1 kicked like a maniac and is now a 3 year old wild child and has been since she was born. DD2 hardly moved and is now a 2 month old chilled out baby. The difference in the two is tremendous. Please don't worry.

Good Luck


prekky Thu 24-Aug-06 10:39:52

thanks all for your lovley comments, I think as time getting nearer im just getting so anxious to meet my baby that i am worrying about ebverything i possibly can. Im driving my poor partner up the bend!!x x x x

prekky Thu 24-Aug-06 10:59:27

Your first baby sounds almost identical to mine now. Baby rarely moves and there is definatly no pattern to movement, I have heard people say their baby more active at a certain time definatly not got anything like this, is this the same sort of thing as you had with your first? x x

1Baby1Bump Thu 24-Aug-06 11:03:53

sorry prekky, yes. my placenta is apparently on the front wall this time. i am 38 weeks.

Rosieglow Thu 24-Aug-06 21:42:11

prekky, yes, I don't remember DS1 being active at any particular time. Only occasionaly even used to feel anything when lying quiet in bed.
He was quite a placid baby - he never used to kick his legs around when lying on a changing mat and took ages to roll over because he never twisted about. That said he's now a very boisterous 3yo - bouncing off the walls most days so it doesn't last!

rso628 Mon 25-Jun-12 13:30:01

my son has ds he is now 8 months old. He moved more than all my other babies in the womb!

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