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Can someone confirm what I already suspect I should do?

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MrsGiraffe12 Tue 15-Apr-14 10:20:49

19+3 weeks pregnant. 2nd DC, 1st born at 32 weeks due to PET.

Woke in the night with pounding headache last night and some black spots in front of my eyes. Took some paracetamol and had a lot of water to drink and headache has seemed to go but still have occasional black spots in front of eyes.
Feel normal apart from this.

My gut is saying call midwife for a checkup as this can be a sign of PET but I'm also thinking it could be a normal pregnancy symptom too right? Doctor or midwife or leave it till appointment next week?

YellowStripe Tue 15-Apr-14 10:22:17

DEFINITELY gp or midwife!

Black spots in front of eyes is NOT normal!

MrsGiraffe12 Tue 15-Apr-14 10:23:22

Thought so. Just didn't want them to think I'm a hypochondriac x

sillymillyb Tue 15-Apr-14 10:27:07

Def not a hypochondriac, get yourself checked out please! Your doing the right thing to call the midwife

YellowStripe Wed 16-Apr-14 17:50:53

Did you get checked out OP?

MrsGiraffe12 Thu 17-Apr-14 07:53:35

Yes. Went to walk in gp clinic who said BP and urine was fine but suspected dehydration. Am seeing midwife today though to be sure x

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