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Losing weight in early pregnancy?

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jessikins24 Mon 14-Apr-14 18:30:47

I had just started a diet and fairly rigorous exercise plan to lose weight before having a baby (had wanted to shift a couple of stone before conceiving). I'm now 6 weeks and really worried about being overweight and pregnant but keep reading that you shouldn't try to lose weight whilst pregnant...any advice please?

Rockchick1984 Mon 14-Apr-14 18:50:31

Slimming world is the only diet advised to follow while pregnant, needs to be signed off by midwife though. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Lozmatoz Mon 14-Apr-14 21:05:46

Don't diet, just eat well. Cut the crap and you and the baby will stay healthy plus you'll probably lose weight too. Don't let yourself get hungry as you could end ip feeling terrible and the baby needs all the nutrients to grow properly. You can get loads of leaflets/booklets from midwife on eating when pregnant.

ImBrian Tue 15-Apr-14 07:04:53

I've lost 4lbs (7 weeks pregnant), I've just cut out a lot of the crap I was eating and tried to eat normal/smaller portions. I'd like to loose a bit more and then just keep my weight stable for as long as possible. Depending on how heavy you are I think it's fine to diet as long as you check with your midwife and don't do anything daft. Just go along the route of healthy eating etc.

ImBrian Tue 15-Apr-14 07:06:17

Oh yeah and find low fat stuff to eat if your hungry between meals as hunger=nausea! It's the time when your most likely to eat something fast and not healthy.

RiverRocks Tue 15-Apr-14 09:03:31

Congratulations Jessikins flowers

The advice is not to try to lose weigh whilst pregnant, but if you are already overweight then they do not expect you to put on as much.

Just have lots of healthy snacks like fruit and nuts handy for when the hunger sets in! If you know anyone who has done Slimming World, have a chat with them about how it works, or look on the threads on here. Slimming World is not a diet, but a healthy eating plan and as rockchick says is approved by midwives, providing your own midwife doesn't have any objections.

I have a healthy BMI just and am following it to control weight gain rather than lose weight and my consultant is very supportive (she was the first person outside of family I told!), as was the midwife.

Mintyy Tue 15-Apr-14 09:06:55

Severe nausea in the first 3 months of my pregnancy meant I lost about 7 - 10lb just by not eating. I was still mildly nauseous throughout, so didn't gain much, and 9 months after baby was born I was a whole stone lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight. Was delighted! Although I really couldn't eat much while pregnant, my dd was born at 9lb 2oz grin.

Noodledoodledoo Tue 15-Apr-14 09:34:42

My midwife and doctor approved the diet plan I was following (and had been for the past 2 years) and were happy for me to carry on with it as it is not an extreme diet - ie 5:2 where your calories fluctuate a lot. Its not slimming world so thats not the only one they will approve.

I have lost about 7 lbs since my booking in appointment which no one has commented on. I have been lucky as its not been due to morning sickness but just carrying on with my diet with a few small changes - I have up'ed my cheese intake as I felt I wasn't eating enough calcium as its mostly high fat and yoghurts didn't agree with me suddenly!!!

Speak to your midwife.

Noodledoodledoo Tue 15-Apr-14 09:41:17

Also with the exercise my diet included a weekly workout, and I was advised it was fine to continue with it as my body was used to it and just to take care and listen to my body. I avoided twisty moves as they made me feel off and felt odd. I have just started a yoga class and am also aiming to swim once a week as the aerobics gets too much.

Up to 16 weeks you are fine after that floor work you shouldn't be on your back. I did stop my bootcamp class as the increase/decrease of heartbeat my instructor didn't think was good.

PS I am very over weight with a BMI of 37 so am definitely not a exercise addict!!!!

I am having to have extra appointments due to age and weight but am trying to see them as beneficial rather than a hassle!

jessikins24 Tue 15-Apr-14 11:40:40

These comments have all been really useful, thanks! It's great to be able to chat on here as we aren't telling anyone about the pregnancy yet.

As I'm only 6 weeks I don't have a midwife yet but will discuss when I have my first appointment.

noodledoodledoo it's really good to know you've lost weight safely whilst pregnant. My bmi is 33, so also v high. Are you following Rosemary Conley? I think it's an excellent healthy eating regime which, as you say, is easily adaptable if you need it to be.

I have been suffering a lot with nausea, 24 hours a day at the moment too which isn't fun! Trying to continue to eat though, even though a lot of the time it's the last thing I feel like!

Instead of running I've ordered a couple of DVDs, yoga and Pilates, so hopefully they'll help as well.

Thanks again everyone!

Noodledoodledoo Tue 15-Apr-14 11:47:23

I am doing Rosemary Conley - never been told I can only do Slimming World whilst pregnant. Although RC has just folded after going into administration so not sure what is going to happen but our leader is keen to continue on.

I have been lucky and not had a problem with nausea/sickness but the few days I was a bit ropey I just ate what I fancied and didn't feel guilty. Just bare in mind you only need about 200 more calories a day for baby - not eating for two!!!

I will admit my will power is not always the best these days but I only let it slip occasionally!

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