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What were your cravings during pg and what gender did you have??

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MINNIE1 Tue 22-Aug-06 14:22:15

Hi all,
I am due in Nov and i have a little girl now 7 months and i am always wondering what the sex of this baby will be. I am interested in the cravings side, with my daughter i craved apples and orange juice now its currys.

What was your cravings during your pregnancy and what was the gender?

mosschops30 Tue 22-Aug-06 14:26:58

I couldnt even think about the word curry with dd, not the smell or anything. But craved pineapple fritters ...she hates them.

With ds totally went off chinese food but could eat curry. Cravings were for coca-cola (out of a glass bottle only) and lots of fruit sweets like opal fruits, I could devour 5 packs in about 2 minutes

julezboo Tue 22-Aug-06 14:33:31

Im also curious!

With my ds i was craving sweets pretty bad! With this pregnancy however my only cravings are for chips and coke (but only out of a can lol)! Other than that i cant eat much without throwing up

Julie 14+1

Gia Tue 22-Aug-06 14:34:50

With my son, who is almost 4, i had to have jam sandwiches with wotsits..

This time, it's fruit, ice lollies and chewing/sniffing bath sponges...much to the amusement of my OH!

southeastastra Tue 22-Aug-06 14:36:29

no cravings really but lots of meat and i have 2 boys

Fimbo Tue 22-Aug-06 14:37:31

My dd is 8 and I didn't have any cravings with her.

My ds will be 3 in December, I craved Heinz tomato soup with loads of black pepper and I had to have it in a mug rather than a bowl. I can't look it now without wanting to throw up.

Charleesunnysunsun Tue 22-Aug-06 14:38:06

Um chocolate first time round and even more choccy this time round!

Only difference being Crunchies first time and Twix's this time, i had a boy last time don't know this time.

MINNIE1 Tue 22-Aug-06 14:38:22

yes salty chips was a hit during this pregnancy at around 13-15 wks.. Had a taste for them on sat night and the chip pan wouldnt work!! but is was fine again in the morning!! it must have been a sign!

fuzzywuzzy Tue 22-Aug-06 14:39:27

carrots and haagen daz- had a girl
Chinese food and really hot currys- another girl

Heathcliffscathy Tue 22-Aug-06 14:39:57

tomatoes, mozzarella (fresh stuff) and avocadoes.

had a boy.

mellowma Tue 22-Aug-06 15:37:21

Message withdrawn

muma3 Tue 22-Aug-06 15:46:55

fish and double helpings of everything -girl
mince meat gravy and mash ummmmm - girl
lemons and jam and cream doughnuts -girl

so all different really it all depends on what your body is lacking in

Scoobydooooo Tue 22-Aug-06 15:50:35

With my ds i craved revels chocolates at the start but brofre i new i was pregnant i started stuffing my face with muchrooms over xmas & was wondering why... then later on in pregnancy it was beetroot, pickled onions & coco pops mad i know

With dd i craved ice cream at the start, then i craved fizzy sweets & coke...

So all in all i craved crap food lol

WigWamBam Tue 22-Aug-06 15:51:06

Sour fruit

Had a girl.

Scoobydooooo Tue 22-Aug-06 15:52:19

My friend was mad on ice & she had a boy, she just used to sit there munching her way through packets of ice when i went to visit, it was sooo funny to watch.

JessaJam Tue 22-Aug-06 15:53:25

no cravings as such...but did eat a lot of sour sweets and spicy nik naks (junk junk junk!) to combat nausea.

had a boy

CountessDracula Tue 22-Aug-06 15:55:06

Prawn cocktail crisps and a girl

saltire Tue 22-Aug-06 15:55:58

Red Cola (it had to be Barrs)with first pregnancy and had a boy. I got through approxiamtely a litre a day
Went off coffee completely and have never touched it since.

With no.2 it was sour cream and chive pringles again a boy!

Piffle Tue 22-Aug-06 15:57:27

strawberries with ds
carrots and lager with dd

LeBe Tue 22-Aug-06 16:02:41

Hubba Bubba (strawberry flavour) and now chips and coke - in any form.

Im having a boy!

SewingMadMummy Tue 22-Aug-06 16:43:18

Orange squash with dd1 and pistachio nuts with dd2

yeahinaminute Tue 22-Aug-06 16:49:39

DD1 - it was pink grapefruit - canned not fresh !! - even had to have pink grapefruit washing up liquid - Madness!!
DS - Egg sandwiches with Quavers in ??!!
DD2 - Fish and chips - not for the batter it just had to be cooked in batter and then I took it off and ate the fish inside - the chips were an incidental!!, Curries and Pizza - once aagain not for the pizza just for the melted mozzarella which HAD to be from a pizza !!

BrookeandTaylorsmummy Tue 22-Aug-06 16:51:38

Munching on chunks of ice which had previously been in fizzy vimto with dd any food in enormously huge quantities with ds!

kayleigh81 Tue 22-Aug-06 17:32:12

curry and chips and the smell of disinfectant, went through bottles of it i used it all over the house..had a boy

sweetkitty Tue 22-Aug-06 17:36:05

Any kind of fruit juice the more sour and bitter the better, Starburst sweets but only the sour ones, chocolate and more chocolate

DD both times

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