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Mucas plug or increased discharge. Tmi alert lol

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Workingmamma Mon 14-Apr-14 10:15:58

Could be a show. If you google 'pictures of mucus plug' into 'images' (brace yourself please, they're pretty oooky), you'll get a good range of the different kinds of consistency.

Good luck!

Sweetpea86 Sun 13-Apr-14 23:06:05

Hi I'm 40 weeks tomorrow for the last week I've been getting increased discharge, it's a creamy yellow colour and thick but not snot like.

I will tell my midwife but I'm sure it's not an infection it doesn't smell any different from usual discharge and I've got no pain when urinating etc.

Could this be my mucas plug or is that only a snot like blob.

Sorry tmi lol

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