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Should you/would you take communion whilst pregnant?

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PolytheneGirl Sun 13-Apr-14 22:37:24

Just that really. I have just found out I'm expecting and I don't know what to do about taking communion in church. Is it ok to take the wine? Or should I only take the bread? Or avoid all together? I'm not ready to out myself just yet. Wwyd?

mathanxiety Tue 15-Apr-14 18:57:54

RC here too and you can receive either the host or the wine or both. Some people with gluten problems only take the wine. Some people with reservations about either passing on or getting germs only take the host. The diocese I am in issued a ban on dipping the host into the wine a while back for some theological reason that I can't remember. I personally rarely take the wine, a hangover from childhood when this option wasn't available.

In my church any of the Eucharistic ministers or the priest will finish the wine, so someone who is pregnant won't be left with quite a large alcoholic drink on her plate so to speak. There is also a cantor and organist/pianist and they normally finish singing and playing after everyone returns to their pew, so they are normally the last to be offered wine - they normally finish what remains in the last two chalices while the ministers and priest finish up the other four to six remaining chalices (big church, always full).

Same arrangement with the Purificator and turning the chalice slightly.

supergreenuk Tue 15-Apr-14 19:04:03

I did once. It's only a sip or a lip dip. Do what ever your comfortable with.

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