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Yet another question on planned c sections......

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MrsGiraffe12 Sun 13-Apr-14 18:03:07

Apologies to those who notice I've been a bit forum happy today :-)

So, baby is being delivered by "planned" c section (recommended by midwives etc due to medical history and previous delivery).

However haven't yet been given a date (am only 19 weeks so this isn't an issue really).

But - generally when are most planned c sections done? I was told by a friend that they are usually done between 38 and 39 weeks. Is this generally true?


Tiredemma Sun 13-Apr-14 18:04:03

Mine was planned for 39 weeks.

Had EMCS two days before planned one

wrapsuperstar Sun 13-Apr-14 18:06:06

Most planned sections will take place in the 39th week. This is because, statistically, the risk of baby having breathing problems reduces dramatically after 39 weeks.

I am pretty sure this is becoming an across-the-board recommendation now although obviously some sections will take place earlier if baby/mother's health requires it.

PenguinsLoveFishFingers Sun 13-Apr-14 18:07:45

Yup, they are generally done from 39 weeks onwards now for lung maturity. Generally only earlier if there is a medical reason that balances out that consideration.

moneyone Sun 13-Apr-14 18:16:00

39 weeks here (7 days before due date)

Jellymum1 Sun 13-Apr-14 18:33:30

39 weeks here too

flusteredmumto2 Sun 13-Apr-14 18:38:00

My last csection was at 39 +2. I'm 22 weeks now so ampplanning around that sort of time this time around (unless gd rears its ugly head).

theborrower Sun 13-Apr-14 19:50:13

Hi, I've also been told that if I need one (at the moment aiming for VBAC but might not be possible), it will be done at 39 weeks.

peeapod Sun 13-Apr-14 19:52:37

there ya

kiwiscantfly Sun 13-Apr-14 19:57:10

Mine was planned (breech baby) but there was no room in the schedule at 39 weeks so I went on a waiting list (hello high BP) and they said if you go into labour come in and we'll do an emergency. I got a phone call 24 hours later that they had a spot at 38+1 for me. I didn't find out till 5 days before btw, so it was a real waiting game.

MisForMumNotMaid Sun 13-Apr-14 20:01:27

I had a choice of dates post 39 weeks. I booked the date for my third c section with the consultant at about 34weeks. For my second it was set for when I was 15 days overdue, post two sweeps and a failure to progress labour (i think thats what it was called). My first was an emergency.

Meglet Sun 13-Apr-14 20:02:33

My consultant wouldn't budge on 39 weeks for DC2. I wanted a couple of days sooner to put DD in the previous school year but he explained that 39 weeks had a much lower chance of needing SCBU.

However DC1 had arrived at 37 weeks with a smashing EMCS and his breathing was fine. So don't panic if something happens before 39 weeks.

Anaisa Sun 13-Apr-14 20:16:59

Scheduled for 39+1, went into labour at 39 so ended up with emergency csection in the middle of the night.

vehiclesandanimals Sun 13-Apr-14 20:21:58

Scheduled for 39 weeks exactly, but went into labour at 37+2 so had technically an EMCS then - early labour though, and was all very calm. DC2 was fine and didn't have any breathing problems.

Bezzabelle Sun 13-Apr-14 20:47:22

Mine is booked for 38+6 this time. Had previous crash section at 38+4 so slightly concerned it still may not be the planned 'calm' experience I'm hoping for if this one decided to come earlier.

MrsGiraffe12 Sun 13-Apr-14 21:41:07

Thanks everyone. My eldest was born at 32 weeks due to PET so I've had the early baby. Reason I'm asking is 39 weeks puts me on 1st September with is the day DS goes back to school so I'm hoping they let me have it on the 28th August as it's more practical for child care etc (electives are on a Thursday and Monday here) xx

PenguinsLoveFishFingers Sun 13-Apr-14 21:52:36

Are you in England? If so, worth bearing in mind the impact that would have on school

MrsGiraffe12 Mon 14-Apr-14 06:36:29

Yes I'm in England. Have thought of the school year thing. Positives to both really, if August will always have holidays off plus 5 other mums in DS year have had babies who will be in same year so I'll know a lot in the cohort as will baby due to be in same year. Plus DS will be in year 6 when baby in reception this way. If September will be eldest in class but that's the only positive I can think of. Hmmm I know health of baby comes first and hospital may not give me a choice at all c

ohthegoats Mon 14-Apr-14 09:48:12

I'm a teacher. I actively want a child who is older in the school year. Lots of benefits, socially and emotionally to begin with, but in other ways when they are older. He/she can be friends with someone older more easily than he/she might cope with confidence and maturity.

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