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First Timer Question!

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moobaloo Sun 13-Apr-14 16:02:25


I thought I had this dressing thing sorted, but I have more questions!

OK. I'm due in 5 weeks. I've got Gro-Swaddles and Gro-Bags ready (I'm aware he may not like these but I'm hoping he does!) and I've been reading the "What goes under them in different temperatures" info. Very useful. But I have a few questions for you wise ones...

Some of the temperatures say to use an All-in-one sleepsuit under the Gro-bag, others say to use an All-in-one AND a vest. I had kind've assumed they would always wear a vest under a sleepsuit? So is it ok to use a sleepsuit without a vest underneath if it's warm?

Also - if I swaddle under-arm once baby is a few weeks old (assuming he likes over-arm initially) if it's too warm for a sleepsuit does he have to have a long sleeved vest? I only have short sleeved ones. Or can he wear a short sleeved vest and a pyjama top with long sleeves (I have been given loads of these!)


Other first timers feel free to add your questions for the experts!


sittingatmydeskagain Sun 13-Apr-14 16:08:14

I am afraid the answer is, it depends!

I always started with a short sleeved vest and babygrow on top.

When it was hot, mine slept in their vests, and a lightweight sleeping bag.

When they are tiny, they are fine in a moses basket, with sheets and blankets as needed. The bags were great for the cot (when they kicked their covers off).

Blueshine Sun 13-Apr-14 17:16:34

I always found that up to a year of age or so that mine needed 1 layer more than I was comfortable wearing, so in warmer weather I wouldn't use a vest unless you house is especially cold
Good luck by the way, babies are wonderful enjoy them while they are young and unable to answer back!!

Shukran Sun 13-Apr-14 21:00:54

My DD sleeps in just a baby grow, she kicks off the blanket as her room is generally 23degrees, new house, very warm.

Over the winter she was in a vest, baby grow, grow bag and cardigan in my parents house as it's old and very cold, 16/17.

As a newborn last summer she was in just a short sleeved vest, as we couldn't get the room below 25, even with all the windows open.

As sitting says it depends, use the guide as that - a guide. Remember their hands aren't a great indicator of temperature when they are tiny, always check their back or chest. I was always told my dd was freezing when the rest of her was toasty.

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