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Feeling really down and alone :(

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SJC2014 Sun 13-Apr-14 10:46:22

Recently found out I'm pregnant- I'm about 8/9 weeks and I'm having a horrible time- I can't stop crying me and my partner keep arguing because he thinks I'm being a bitch- and I just feel generally shit! I feel so guilty that I should be ecstatic as some women would kill to be in my position but I'm just worried. I amclassed as high risk pregnancy (double womb and cervix) and I have already been to the hospital due to bleeding- I just feel like my partner is being really in supportive he thinks I've become lazy and mean! I'm just exhausted!! Advice would be great sad

Boogles91 Sun 13-Apr-14 15:51:42

Bless also high risk pregnancy as i have bad kidneys. One of wich is blocked and larger than it should be at 26wks. Your partner should be more understanding -.- i know your worry, as i had mc couple of years ago so all i did was worry until i had a 20wks scan. Im sure everything will be ok it just means your going to be watched alot by the hospitals and midwife. Try talking to your partner tell him how your feeling calmly without it turning into arguments(easier said than done i know!) try and get him to understand things a bit more better but you should also listen to him aswel if he says he understands and trys his best to make things easier for you. Im very lucky to have such an understanding hubby, but i did have those sort of things said to me -.- even when the hospital told me i have to rest even more as im high risk for preeclampsia aswell! I spoke to him once hed gotten iver his paddy and he understood a little more then. Im a stubborn ass though and dont like sitting down doing fek all for too long :p sometimes men need to have things explained as they dont realise what our bodys go through especially when theres risks and complications involved! Dont feel guilty either, its hormones lol i havent really had too many flip outs and havent had any crying episodes(yet) even though i had awful sickness wich is slowly returning >.< please try not to worry to much as this is adding further stress to making you feel so down. I still tryed my best to do things, no matter how much it killed me to as i was sick ll day long! But every womens different, some just cant bring themselves to do things in the early weeks and some can just power on through things right up until the end! Hope you get some more understanding and sort things out soon chuck, and congratulations smile x

theborrower Sun 13-Apr-14 20:08:22

I'm really sorry to hear your partner is being so unsupportive sad

Does he know how tired you are? Pregnancy is knackering in the first trimester, it can be a struggle to do anything sometimes, but you need to look after yourself and rest.

And does he know how worried you are? Is he worried too and just being crap at expressing his emotions? Or is he maybe finding it hard to adjust to the idea of being a Dad?

And don't feel guilty about anything x

redexpat Sun 13-Apr-14 20:19:49

You will almost certainly feel better during the second trimester. Try and look after yourself as best you can - sleep, eat, rest etc.

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