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7 weeks pregnant and high bp-pls advice

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frankiebuns Sun 13-Apr-14 16:37:29

Tested me for different things that could be route cause of high bp! The did a dna genetic test the told me I have factor v lieden thromobolaxsis which is fascnating as my mw took blood to test for that which she never tested! My kidneys aren't great and consultantg thinks its that I'm now waiting for a renal scan, so far I've had 7 ultrasounds so far which is nice and I'm well looked after, I get excited and relaxed and think I can do nething when I get good news but soon come down to earth with a huge bump! I kinda want to get into hospital as I feel safe

frankiebuns Sun 13-Apr-14 16:32:44

Also t

frankiebuns Sun 13-Apr-14 16:32:38

Here In dorset all we get is consultant led who u see every 6 weeks ish m now with a senior midwife which I'm glad about as my other one was horrid! My first pregnancy went great! They have

katmat3 Sun 13-Apr-14 15:52:52

Boogles91, I am sorry to hear about your current situation.I will say a little prayer for you too to stay safe and that everything goes well.

katmat3 Sun 13-Apr-14 15:51:36

Hi .
Thank you for your kind replies.
Frankiebuns ,thank you for sharing your story with me.I really understand your feelings.It should be happy experience and not one filled with fear and anxiety.
My first two pregnancy were really easy and no problems,but this time i am really scared which doesn't help....
I have dr on wed and i am waiting for antenatal app and another app with maternal medicine unit at hospital 'cause of HBP.
I will try to get as much info as i can when i see specialist.
Thank you one more time.

frankiebuns Sun 13-Apr-14 10:39:03

Hello, as 21 weeks pregnant I'm a little ahead so here goes, at my booking in my bp was 128/78 fine! My son was I'll so took him to walk in center I was 10 weeks pregnant ish the dr looked at me and said can I do ur bp and check urine and am I glad she did my bp was 158/110 and had protien in my urine, she advised I go to see my dr the next day they have put me on labetalol first 100mg theb after 3weeks 200mg then after 11 days 400mg and now its been 2 weeks and bp slowly creaping up again, my midwife said that it was highly likely I wouldn't get much past 34 weeks although my consultant made me feel a bit better and told me 39 weeks, they showed me the nice guidelines for labetalol use In pregnancy and very informative, it was reassuring and basically said what they do in situations, apparently bp should be 110/60 ish on labetalols mine at the mo is 137/70- 147/80. So heading towards doseage upped or hospital! I never had bp b4 pregnancy and they think my kidneys aren't coping well! I had my 20 week scan last week she's diddy but coping well my placenta is thin and big but working ok! There is hope and been told there are worse out there than me which makes me feel ok, yes I feel down sometimes as I dnt plan to do this again and I feel scared not excited at the mo!

Boogles91 Sat 12-Apr-14 22:04:20

I dont have any advice unfortunatley but wanted to offer you some hugs. Sorry that your in this situation chuck hope someone with more advice comes along soon! Im currently 26wks and am high risk of preeclampsia due to bad kidneys and now i have one wich is blocked :/ so far my bp has been fine but im hoping i can go all the way xx

katmat3 Sat 12-Apr-14 11:38:14

Anyone please!

katmat3 Sat 12-Apr-14 02:39:24

I am 33 and discovered that i am 7 weeks pregnant.I have very high bp and I was taking ramipril and amlodopin (not sure spelling).
On Monday i went to dr and my bp was 193/127 and she changed me for lob tablets (safer for baby)
Now I am better,bp is under control but i am very very scared.Read stories on the net about birth defect , baby brain bleeding,baby not developing properly...
Please ,please can someone tell me something positive.
In two weeks time i have an appointment with a specialist but can't stop feeling scared.
What if something happens to me or a baby? I have already two beautiful daughters ....i feel scared hence the time i am awake....

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