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40+3 weeks no dilation and cervix still closed, anyone els had this before?

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CarlyKins Fri 11-Apr-14 15:42:10

Hi ladies, 3 days past due date and midwife attempted a sweep yesterday but couldn't do one as I am not dilated and cervix is still closed and hard. Has anyone els had this but still gone into labour naturally not long after? Im booked in for an induction a week on Sunday but really would like my boy before then as I've been told all along he's fairly big on every growth scan, over 7lb at 36 weeks the last one was. I understand they can be inaccurate but am still worrying. I know he will come when he's ready but it is quite frustrating when u just want to hold your baby and nothing is happening lol x

RoganJosh Fri 11-Apr-14 15:43:19

I had this a couple of days before I went into labour with my third. Things can happen very quickly. Don't lose heart.

CarlyKins Fri 11-Apr-14 15:57:09

Really!! That's definitely reassuring, thankyou smile

Waggamamma Fri 11-Apr-14 20:10:45

Yes, I went into labour naturally at 41+3 with my first. Two days before induction was booked.

PenguinsEatSpinach Fri 11-Apr-14 20:12:05

I had this 24 hours before I went into labour. Don't read too much into it. smile

duvetfan Sat 12-Apr-14 09:38:52

I had this 2 days before I went into labour. Don't fret as others have said. It was all very quick. My ds wasn't even engaged until I went into labour.

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