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another induction question...

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MrsRV Thu 10-Apr-14 11:57:28

so induction for DD2 has been booked fir 28.04 due to me having obstetric cholestasis. bang on 38 weeks. DD1 has just turned 2. I've read different things & people have told me different things about the way in which I'll be induced.

my question is, will I need a propess or is it likely they'll be able to break my waters without having to have this? then once waters are broken I'll have the hormone drip straight away with no waiting around to see if my contractions start on their own? AND, I'm not being a knob if I ask for epidural at same time they put the drip in?? I really don't want to feel anything at all where possible!!


FelixFelix Thu 10-Apr-14 12:05:43

I was induced at 37 weeks for the same reason. I wasn't dilated enough for them to break my waters so had the propess thing. It was in from 10am until about 11pm and I was getting slight contractions so was examined, and I was 2cm dilated so they could break my waters (this was done the next day as it was busy). I was left a couple of hours but nothing was happening so was put on the drip. Request the epidural as soon as possible if you want it as the drip really ramps up your contractions and it may take a while to get the anaesthetist to you and actually get the epi put in. The sooner the better! I had the drip in at around 5pm and my dd arrived at 1.52am smile

FelixFelix Thu 10-Apr-14 12:07:06

Send me a pm if you have any more questions! It was only 16 weeks ago so still fresh in my mind grin

Pregnantagain7 Thu 10-Apr-14 12:10:58

Hi yes very possible they may be able to break your waters without the propess especially as this is dc2 your cervix need to be about 2/3cms dilated. I was 2 cms when they checked but cervix too far back so had to have the propess.
I'm not sure how long they would leave you after breaking waters but don't think it's the usual 48hrs they do if they go naturally, the left me an hour but as I said I had the propess not sure if that makes a difference.
And you are 100% not being a knob to have the epidural put in at the same time very very sensible I did it with my second induction and it was great. Had a nap at 10cms dilated best thing ever IME! smile

MrsRV Thu 10-Apr-14 19:36:05

felix was this your first baby?

preggers again - tell me more about your epidural... did you literally feel nothing the whole time - what happened about pushing? I couldn't have an epi with DD, ended up having a spinal in theatre & forceps. petrified they're going to say its too busy again... I just know I won't cope very well!

FelixFelix Thu 10-Apr-14 19:52:37

Yes she is my first. I did NCT classes and they scared me out of wanting an epidural and I was dead against it at first, but once the contractions started the midwife was really positive about me having one and she talked me round. I'm so so so glad she did! It took about 15 minutes to put in but once it started working it was amazing. I couldn't feel any pain but could still feel a tightening when I was having contractions so when it came to pushing I knew exactly when to push. The only annoying thing about it is that you're stuck on the bed as you're hooked up to the drip, epidural and monitor but I wasn't really in the mood for moving around anyway grin also my legs were numb until the next day but it doesn't take long to wear off.

I can see why you'd be scared from what happened the first time but there's every possibility you could have a totally different experience. Just out of curiosity, did you have obstetric cholestasis the first time round? I wonder if I'd have it again if I have another.

MrsRV Sat 12-Apr-14 08:08:15

no not at all the first time round but I've been told if I have a DC3 its almost a given & each time it comes earlier. .. 90% chance I think I read!

this epidural business sounds good to me. now praying I can have one!!!! bugger being brave.

Suzietwo Sat 12-Apr-14 08:50:19

Ther are lots of scare stories about induction. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I haven't noticed any consistency in what has worked and not worked. It's just whether or not your body wants to dilate following the drugs. The only advice I have is go as long in labour as you feel comfortable with. If after 12 hours of induced labour you've had enough and they're offering section, it's no failure to take it. I wish I'd been slightly less stubborn as I believe prolonging labour before having a section eventually contributed to minging infections twice.

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