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can someone describe/tell me more about braxton hicks?

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mummytobejuly2014 Wed 09-Apr-14 20:24:43

just wondering if anyone can describe/tell their experiences of BH. im nearly 28wks and the last week or so been getting heavy pressure low down in bump like I would have before period would have come on. I've been getting cramps & my hips/pelvis bones feel quite stiff when I walk about. is this like braxton hicks? is it too early to be having them? anything I've read says BH is like tightening without pain across top of bump but mine is all lower down. also getting lower back pain to the sides of my spine. would sleeping at night with a body pillow make much of a difference? have tried a normal pillow between knees but keeo waking up with it kicked out of the bed and numb hip. any advice greatly appreciated

PurplePunkPrincess Wed 09-Apr-14 20:31:37

The period type pains are Braxton hicks.

The other pain could be spd. Mention it to your midwife next time, or if your hips/back/groin hurt a lot when you walk and move then see your gp and they might refer you for some physio.

I'm 31 weeks and having Braxton hicks and spd. I think the spd, makes the pain more confusing. Do you find there's like a fairly constant pain or ache AND then increased pains that are more coming and going?

PurplePunkPrincess Wed 09-Apr-14 20:32:54

If the period pain is more constant then it just where your ligaments are stretched and you're growing!

mummytobejuly2014 Tue 15-Apr-14 22:04:17

now my left hip feels like my leg is guna fall off. the pain is very "bruised/muscular". its like I've been beaten in front of my hip bone to pubic bone/up through one half of hooha/through back of pelvis. sleeping on left & rolling onto right wakens me the pain is so bad, I have to sort of hold my butt cheek while I roll over. also makes me limp a bit if I sit in work too work or get up at an angle. if I get up on my right leg first it feels like im leaving the left behind & "stretching" it with the weight of my leg.
the pain can be so bad I think I'm going to wet myself. hoping some of you can help.
does anyone have any tips/is it pointless going to gp?

icklekid Wed 16-Apr-14 04:10:52

No its not pointless go to gp, they can refer you to physio who can help do what they can to ease oain. My sod was lower back rather than front but can be both. Sleeping was very similar to what you've described and I would wake up in tears because of the pain. A body pillow (I've got a dream genii) has literally saved me. I can sleep again! It is horrible tbusad but can get better if you get help...

Ohwhatsoccuring Wed 16-Apr-14 08:13:09

I'm on my 3rd baby and am having BH already at just 18 wks. I got them early last time too, but not quite this early.
The part of my tummy where the baby is goes very hard and contracts and the stabbing pains take my breath away already, happens every few hours.
I was going to mention it to midwife but don't see her again until I'm 25 wks, have done the dreaded google and apparently it is all ok.
SPD is another story altogether, I got a sleeping pillow early this time to try and stop it getting worse, it does help but I find I can't use it all night. if you speak to midwife they can refer you for physio, the earlier the better they say.
Good luck smile

NickyEds Wed 16-Apr-14 14:00:01

I'd go to gp. BH, for me were like a tightening of the womb and bump going very hard- they would last several seconds then ease. I had them from around 20weeks - mw said that it was early but not a worry. They can take your breath away a bit but I don't think that they should be causing you as this much discomfort. Better to be safe- being pregnant can be really uncomfortable!! Good Luck

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