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Is it bad that I'm desperate for morning sickness?

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Somersetgirl1990 Wed 09-Apr-14 12:33:20

I'm 5 weeks and had a few days of symptoms last week but have been feeling absolutely fine the past few days, apart from about half an hour of cramps yesterday evening.
I feel as though if I'm being sick/feeling nauseous it will make me calm down about something going wrong! Is that crazy??

FourForksAche Wed 09-Apr-14 12:37:08

give it time, my morning sickness turned up a bit later iirc, are you anxious about the pregnancy?

Lottiedoubtie Wed 09-Apr-14 12:39:07

Trust me you don't want MS! It's not a reliable indicator either as some people MC and continue to get it for a bit....

Just try and be happy you feel well!

Shoopshoop2 Wed 09-Apr-14 12:53:29

I didn't have any morning-sickness with either of mine. All was fine smile

Somersetgirl1990 Wed 09-Apr-14 13:29:15

I know it can be unreliable but at least I'd feel pregnant haha smile I feel anxious but without any reason to be! Just hoping the next few months go by quickly

Lottiedoubtie Wed 09-Apr-14 13:30:29

I didn't feel sick at week 5.
By week 8 I could no longer work. Hospitalised at week 15. Now week 17 and occasionally getting hours where I feel ok-ish.

Be very careful what you wish for!

CaseyRossi Wed 09-Apr-14 13:33:29

This whole issue drove me and through that my dh nuts. It's my first and my mom told me about she was so bad with both me and my brother and my friend just had a baby and she had bad ms so i presumed i'd get it. I had about 8 periods of feeling fairly nauseous other times i just felt sometimes a little icky, this lasted from about wk 5-8, but i'm a grazer naturally, little and often so i think maybe cause my stomach was never fully hungry i never got much and it worried me like anything, even paid for a private scan at 8 weeks cause i couldn't bare the next few weeks not knowing, best money i ever spent, was able to relax and enjoy it after and everything still normal at 12 week scan just awaiting 20wk one now in 2 weeks time.

After the private scan dh banned me from here, in the early days there are so many people of here with unfortunate stories to tell which my heart goes out to them i can't imagine the heartache but it does make it seem more common then it actually is as i've come to realise now. Everyones pregnancy is different and unfortunately only time will tell what yours will be like.

Somersetgirl1990 Wed 09-Apr-14 13:36:00

blush I'll start trying to enjoy it! Hope you feel better soon Lottie! That sounds awful

twiglet2 Wed 09-Apr-14 13:43:43

My morning sickness started bang on 6 weeks - before that I was fine, eating lots of nice healthy food and going to the gym and thinking how easy it was. I'm 7+5 now and feeling sick pretty much all day. It's making me feel pretty down about the whole pregnancy thing at the moment. My husband is being really lovely though which makes a big difference.

Thurlow Wed 09-Apr-14 13:48:21

I wrote your post at 5w. I felt amazing.

Within a week I was chucking up 10-12 times a day, and that lasted for the next five months, and the medication lasted until the day DC was born grin

Congrats, and count your blessings!

squizita Wed 09-Apr-14 13:49:24

I didn't get any till 7 weeks.

As someone mentioned - it doesn't indicate anything really as it's your body reacting, not the hormones themselves. So some women have nothing even with twins and others sick as anything all the way through. smile

Somersetgirl1990 Wed 09-Apr-14 13:52:15

Casey - how much roughly was the early scan? Completely agree about things going wrong seeming very common on here - I think I'm just a natural worrier though, if anything goes wrong with any of my animals I spend ages researching it and convince myself it's the worst!

My mil's a midwife, probably doesn't help that the first thing she said is "make sure you don't tell ANYONE, as anything can happen between now and 12 weeks" very reassuring to hear!

VaselineOnToast Wed 09-Apr-14 15:29:08

Don't worry too much. I didn't get any nausea until about week 6, and by week 14ish, it had gone. I never vomited or anything, just felt nauseous.

I have friends who spent the whole three months vomiting into any convenient nearby receptacle, and others who never even felt slightly nauseous but had successful pregnancies.

As has been mentioned, the internet is awash with stories that induce worry and fright. People are probably more likely to share their experiences online if they've been negative, and come to seek solace.

Binglesplodge Wed 09-Apr-14 15:36:46

Just enjoy yourself! I'm a bit over 13 weeks now and haven't been sick at all, though I did find my appetite reduced a bit. The 12 week scan showed a very active baby measuring perfectly for dates even though, like you, I was worried there would be something wrong because I hadn't had any sickness. Some people are just lucky, I think!

Somersetgirl1990 Wed 09-Apr-14 16:11:02

Thanks everyone! You've made me feel much better - I'll try and keep away from the horror stories! grin

CaseyRossi Wed 09-Apr-14 16:27:14

Hi Somersetgirl, i paid £85, there were ones which were about £45-£60 but i opted for the more expensive one after reading on some of the cheaper ones sites that they aren't trained midwifes, i had visions of people who just know how to work the machines and recognise a foetus in there, if i was gonna put my mind at rest and pay for it i was willing to pay the extra for full reassuring and someone to be able to also say if something was wrong, as it turned out everything was fine, i was just lucky. I'm midlands based to give an idea of prices, just google private reassurance scan i'm sure it's big business.

I had very little nausea but my boobs ached like mad, and my uterus ached it was like having period pain for a month, but every now and then i'd have a day when i was fine. They say ms is good as it indicates a healthy baby and i don't think any amount of the symptoms could get my mind off here reading about ms and especially mms.

If you do want to private scan wait try to wait it out a little longer, as the percentages of something happening go down as weeks go by, i was at 5% i think at week 8, no bleeds of anything i might just say, if someone told you you'd have a 95% chance of winning the lottery you'd serious start to think about how you'd spend the money and even go car/house window shopping wouldn't you so think of it that way.

Ludways Wed 09-Apr-14 16:44:52

I never got it with ds, everything was fine.

I got it with dd and spent weeks wishing I was dead, lol, then one day it went and never came back.

icklekid Wed 09-Apr-14 16:47:56

27 weeks and still sick many times a day despite being on medication. ..want to swap? sad

Martie1 Wed 09-Apr-14 16:53:15

somerset thank you so much for posting this. I too am 5 weeks +1 and while i had twinges at end of last week and sore breasts, since the start of the week i have had nothing. My breast are faintly sore and i mean faint. I am panicking a bit that something is/has gone wrong. So all the responses on here are very reassuring. Thank you all!!

cemay Thu 10-Apr-14 20:33:40

I definitely know what you mean, but be careful what you wish for!!! When I was about 5 weeks I was fine, up til about 7 weeks and I wished for the same as you and then god did it hit! I went off tea, did not want to eat anything and felt sick not just in the morning but CONSTANTLY!
Even now I'm 15 weeks I still feel too sick to eat some days, and when I do eat it sometimes tastes funny or of nothing at all. Waaah!
I've got two boys and had none of this with them!!

Hope it all goes well smile

blueshoes Thu 10-Apr-14 21:07:58

I have 2 dcs and one miscarriage. In all cases, I did not have any morning sickness or even sore boobs. My only symptoms of pregnancy were missed periods and a growing bump. I had the most ridiculously easy pregnancies.

Does not make for peace of mind in the early days. I used to continue to POAS just to make sure things were still alright.

CrepeFoofette Fri 11-Apr-14 08:04:29

I didn't get ms until 7 weeks, when it hit me like a truck. Vomiting several times a day until 20 weeks. Had to take medication just to get me through the day without dehydration. I'm hoping you DON'T get it!

Somersetgirl1990 Sun 13-Apr-14 13:32:06

Have spent the morning being sick... And all I've eaten is a slice of toast so no idea where it's coming from! The phrase "be careful what you wish for" would be highly appropriate right now

Hevava Sun 13-Apr-14 22:34:02

Weeks 7 & 8 were the real killers for my morning sickness.

Trust me- even if you have MS, you'll find something else to worry about instead wink

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