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bringing pram in house before birth

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littleLS Tue 08-Apr-14 21:37:24

has anyone else heard this myth?? im 24 weeks, we bought our pram the other day on special offer, got it home, we put the box straight in the garage but the next day i wanted to check all bits and bobs were there incase we had to go back to shop, i put it up and assembled the pram in my porch, not actually bringing it in the house as such. after doing so went back in garage. my mum freaked out on the phone saying it was bad luck, and a few folk at work have said the same. im not a believer of myths etc but feeling paranoid now!!

has anyone else brought their pram in the house prior to birth?!!

squizita Wed 09-Apr-14 10:21:49

Just re my previous post.

A woman who has had losses may not feel comfortable having stuff in the house and seeing it. In the same way as she may choose not to tell everyone bang on 12 weeks.

That's not the same as a superstitious "rule" at all! if the woman is happy with where she puts her stuff, that is what matters!

ZingSweetCoconut Wed 09-Apr-14 12:29:09


exactly. if the pg woman feels uneasy to see baby items in the house that's to be respected.

but future grandmas & aunts getting annoyingly judgey/superstitious/overdramatic/hysterical is just pathetic.
we need to be practical and prepared, not being made to feel guilty or worried.
being pg is stressful enough.

arghhelpme Wed 09-Apr-14 12:57:57

Had prams in the house with dc1 and 2.
Dc3's pram has been in the house before I actually conceived!
Managed to get a £330 pram for £50 brand new at work. Was TTC and thought it was too much of a bargin to miss.

Dc1 and 2 and fine and touch wood this one will be too smile

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Wed 09-Apr-14 13:26:20

I think it's reasonable not to BUY anything big until the 13 week / 20 week scan (depending on your level of comfort).

Not letting anything in the house though - that's weird and old-fashioned.

TondelayoSchwarzkopf Wed 09-Apr-14 13:28:02

That said, I'm being induced on Saturday and there is a part of me (a science loving, atheist skeptic) that doesn't want my child to be born on the 13th. confused hmm

ZingSweetCoconut Wed 09-Apr-14 13:39:35

DS2 was born on 13th.
He is doing ok!wink

1944girl Fri 11-Apr-14 23:25:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MissSlackPants84 Sat 12-Apr-14 07:16:01

My mum won't let me bring our pushchair home. She got the finance for us so it has been delivered to hers. She was even reluctant for us to assemble it at hers before baby was born. At least its not taking up space at ours while we have the great pre baby clear out smile

Chipandspuds Sat 12-Apr-14 07:19:17

Never heard of this one!

TestingTestingWonTooFree Sat 12-Apr-14 07:36:15

I know mil had the pram delivered from the shop when DH was born in 1974. I think if it's your first baby and you have no use for equipment it might be better to have it out of the way. Entirely personal preference though.

I would prefer to delay things until near the end, but if offered a bargain mid way through, I'd snap it up. I wouldn't have bought things while TTC DC1 as I'd feel it was asking for trouble even though rationally I know it's completely irrelevant.

RebeccaCloud9 Sat 12-Apr-14 11:59:15

Yeah, just think about it logically-in reality, how could it make even the slightest bit of difference to the health of a baby?

squizita Sat 12-Apr-14 12:53:56

I wouldn't have bought things while TTC DC1 as I'd feel it was asking for trouble even though rationally I know it's completely irrelevant.

Not asking for trouble, but a horrible memory if (as for some) it never gets further - or not to mention in a cold, hard logical sense, spending money that might be needed to assist things (e.g. fertility or miscarriage private clinics, as the NHS can take ages).

I'm awaiting my 20 week anomaly scan after which I will feel more secure about making 'big' outlays (e.g. pram, carseat, repainting/decorating a room etc'). I wouldn't want to leave it too late either though... imagine if you delivered before the shop did grin (which I imagine might happen if you only ordered 35 week+!).

Quodlibet Sat 12-Apr-14 14:37:33

It's worth bringing in it the house if only to avoid the problem my friend had when she discovered that her pram was too wide for the doorway into her flat.

Andcake Sat 12-Apr-14 14:49:53

I've heard of this and not sure what I did with pram but tried to keep things to a bare minimum. In fact in the few weeks before ds was born ( and when I was bored on maternity leave) I would cry in the nursery as I was so scared of coming home without a baby. It had taken me many years and mc to get that far and knew of quite a few stillbirths and was so scared.

BEEwitched Sat 12-Apr-14 22:12:37

We've had our pram in the house for ages, but I was talking to my best friend last week and she said the local pram shop back home refuses to hand prams out to parents before the birth of the baby - that's in Germany, so this must be quite a widespread superstition!

Pobblewhohasnotoes Sat 12-Apr-14 22:17:07

I'm born on the13th!

It's a silly superstition and offensive to anyone who's lost a baby.

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