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Is it okay to say I'm not a fan of the pregnancy experience?

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januaryJump Sat 05-Apr-14 12:44:24

Only 7wks with DC2 (surprise baby! DC1 is 16mo). Already tired of the 24h nausea - well, I'm just tired anyway - and had first vomit this morning, ick. Housework already taking a backseat and planning to go on leave at earliest opportunity, around 27wks. Sounds early days, I know, but all I can think of is taking time off and hiring a cleaner blush Hips, back and pelvis already ache and I can't really stomach anything other than sandwiches and lemonade. Tons to do for work and study but struggling at the moment.

I'm grateful to be pregnant and though it was a surprise we're very happy, hoping everything goes perfectly and looking forward to meeting our second little one. I know it could also be harder so I'm trying to be very positive.

...I just really don't enjoy pregnancy! I'm not the only one, right? My two closest friends "loved being pregnant" and had "fantastic pregnancies", so they don't quite understand why I don't. I'm sure I'll perk up a bit in the 2nd tri with hopefully no sickness but in pg1 I was just so tired and achey all of the time. I got a trapped nerve in my thigh that could be mega painful, had to wear Tena pads, and got acne. I never even nested! That just sort of bypassed me. I'm hoping it's different, easier, this time confused

Ok, I'm done blush

ithoughtofitfirst Thu 10-Apr-14 10:48:18

Aww congratulations jellyandcake

I had such an easy 2nd and 3rd trimester my first pg that the newborn stage hit me like a brick wall. I was so unprepared looking back.

I feel like i know what's coming this time but i'm dreading it despite being more experienced. Some women just seem to cope so much better than i ever did!

I'm glad it's going more smoothly for you on the other side!

ZingSweetCoconut Thu 10-Apr-14 11:47:17

congratulations jelly, wonderful news!smile thanks

buffythebarbieslayer Thu 10-Apr-14 18:56:56

39 weeks with dc3 and almost as excited about not being pregnant as meeting my little one.

We are thrilled to be having a third and that coupled with the knowledge that this is my last time, are the only things that have kept me going.

I really have tried to enjoy the nice aspects e.g. the miracle of it, movements, seeing the scans etc.

But the exhaustion, the pains, the sickness no way. Not being able to enjoy wine or food or go out because I'm too bloody knackered.

And this last bit is a mental marathon. The anticipation and desperation for it to be over. The inability to concentrate and dealing with young kids etc

mssleepyhead Thu 10-Apr-14 20:43:16

I'm 20 weeks and even though I'm in the honeymoon trimester (ha!) I'm not enjoying it : ( and I wish people would stop telling me to. My clothes don't fit, my skin is bad, I ache constantly, I'm peeing constantly, and I'm so so so anxious about keeping this little boy safe. And so far it's been a pretty straightforward pregnancy! I love and want this little boy more than anything but sometimes I think "I'm only half way" and it makes me feel very... Frazzled. Glad I'm not alone!

SJC2014 Thu 10-Apr-14 21:00:08

I'm 7 weeks with my first.. Not loving it I feel like shit warmed up twice

I know how your feeling smile
At least I have good days and bad days must be crappy to have all bad!

romomum Fri 11-Apr-14 18:56:35

happy I found this thread, always felt guilty that I didn't enjoy pregnancy...truth sucks!! constipation,morning sickness,hormonal,super tired, no sex drive, that's first trimester...second..still tired ,heart burn,hormonal,no sex drive,constipation,piles,stress incontinence,itch skin, can't get comfortable.....and most recently had infection tooth and can only take paracetamol which hardly touched the pain!! this is my third and last!!! good to have a moan mind!!grin grin

22honey Fri 11-Apr-14 19:10:18

I must be a total wuss, this is my first baby, no complications, MS went weeks ago (I'm nearly 22 weeks), I'm in my early 20s and the pregnancy hasn't took that much of a toll yet still I find myself thinking I never want to do this again! Its such hard work not being able to do certain things, its very uncomfortable at night time and I'm told its only going to get worse!

But then the worst thing by far is the worrying about my beautiful baby. Although after the 20 week scan the worry has gone much further down, the thoughts of inter uterine death and stillborn have started plaguing my mind! It is awful, emotional tiring and stressful. Months of just thinking 'I want this baby to be here and safe, I want to know its all ok and they will be here in my arms'....I'm pretty sure I'm only going to do this one or two more times! xx

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