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really worried :(

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lozzie12345 Fri 04-Apr-14 23:45:56


I'm new here and have been driving myself mad searching online trying to find answers so thought this might be better!

I am 19+4 according to my scans, 18+4 according to lmp. I had a scan at what I thought was 6 weeks, but measured 7 weeks. My next scan at 13 weeks matched up to my first scan to the day and was done by a different hospital, machine etc. So I have been told at my first scan they are accurate to within 3 days, but I have read conflicting info online. So I just wanted advice really.

Is it possible to measure a week big at my scans? The reason I'm getting so worried is that me and my bf split briefly before xmas and there is an issue of paternity. I usually have 33 day cycles and ovulate around cd 19 but my scans are showing me to have conceived around day 8 which I find so hard to believe as this was right after my period. I also got a 3+ on a clearblue digi which I took when I was 5 weeks (if scans correct) and 4 weeks if lmp is correct but iv heard these aren't always acurate either.

I had symptoms a week after I was with the 2nd man, would that be too Spon to get them? Iv never been pregnant before so have no idea, mme and my bf were trying for 2 years with no success sad then this happens

I have my 20 week scan next week, will my date be likely to change at all again? Any advice would really help me, I'm stressing so bad.

Thank you so much!

RalphLaurenLover Fri 04-Apr-14 23:48:10

The only way is a paternity test.

Have you told your partner?

alita7 Fri 04-Apr-14 23:51:18

it could be speedy growing or early ovulation :/ Is your boyfriend the first you slept with? to be honest it sounds like early ovulation. but it could also be early implantation. I'd have thought someone who implanted at 6 days or less would have more hcg than someone who implanted at 12 days and then maybe baby grew quick. I'm not sure how to tell who is the dad in this situation :/

3boys3dogshelp Fri 04-Apr-14 23:52:26

Sorry to be blunt but if you slept with 2 men within a week of each other you need a dna test. The scans ae not that accurate to the day to tell them apart and I think the sperm can survive for up to a week after sex waiting for an egg.
I doubt the hospital will change your date unless it varies massively. At my 20 week scans I have measured out by a day or two from my 12 week scan but they haven't bothered changing my notes.
Does your boyfriend know there is any doubt?

3boys3dogshelp Fri 04-Apr-14 23:53:56

Oh and I have had nausea within a few days of conceiving in 2 out of 5 pregnancies.

alita7 Fri 04-Apr-14 23:54:07

another thing I would mention is that while it's entirely possible it took you 2 years and somehow this was one cycle that happened to work purely due to chance, it sounds like possibly he had fertility problems or your eggs and sperm didn't go well together (I think his happens to some people) as it seems a massive coincidence that you didn't conceive in 2 years but the month you sleep with someone else too you get pregnant. This would make me think it's the other guys.

snoggle Fri 04-Apr-14 23:54:50

I seem to remember reading that the early scan is the most accurate for dating, the further you go on the less accurate since babies' size of course are variable.
Even knowing when you had sex is not massively accurate since sperm can hang around for a few days, implantation time isn't precise etc. So really you will have to have a paternity test to know for certain

lozzie12345 Fri 04-Apr-14 23:59:24

I know I need a paternity test and of course I will get one when baby is here.

Yeah my bf was the first who I slept with, my midwife said I ovulated early which was why I got an early positive (a week before af due)

No I haven't told him, I shouldve done right from the start but didn't and I know it will be so much worse for him finding out later. After my first scan the sonographer who knew I had paternity issues said that she was 80 percent sure it's my bfs, but after doing research and worrying I'm really not sure.

Thanks for your quick responses!

RalphLaurenLover Sat 05-Apr-14 00:11:54

How long after your partner did you sleep with the other guy?

Sperm can survive for 7 days however that's in tip-top conditions so egg white discharge. generally it last 3 days.

The earlier the scan the more accurate they are though

lozzie12345 Sat 05-Apr-14 00:15:49

It was a week after. My scans matched up quite close with my beta hcg as well, but iv just got a really bad feeling it is the 2nd man's. I was told that my 7 week scan would be most accurate, and for my 13 week one to match it was comforting but now I'm just thinking I might have a baby that's growing a week ahead

weebigmamma Sat 05-Apr-14 06:11:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Surprisethird Sat 05-Apr-14 07:23:27

Hi, I am sorry you find you yourself in this position, you must be worried sick and it's such a shame it's taking the excitement of your long awaited pregnancy. Scan arnt alway accurate to the day no, I know my conception date but they have dated me 4 days before I had sex, so I know I was not pregnant then lol. I understand its hard to know what to do for the best, because if it is your boyfriends then there is no need for him to know your predicament. This is easier said than done but try not to worry as it won't change the outcome, I would get a DNA test ASAP once your baby is born , find out for sure and then if it is not your boyfriend then your going to have to tell him.
I think they date your pregnancy from the 12 week scan and don't change it for there, but I am not 100% sure.
Please try and enjoy your pregnancy and deal with the issue as soon as you can do something about it.

Hope the message gives you a little comfort

Misty9 Sat 05-Apr-14 07:43:43

They're unlikely to change your edd now - but I've been put forward at both my 12wk scans by 4days then 5days and let's just say I know when we've conceived as we don't exactly do the necessary very often! I just grow them big smile
Sorry you're going through this and hope you get it sorted.

RalphLaurenLover Sat 05-Apr-14 13:08:34

Well if it was the second man you'd need about a 10 day gap for implantation as well.

If your scans are all showing implantation is your partners I'd say your pretty certain it's his not 100% ofc but pretty sure.

They'd need to move your dates by at least a week for the other guy if I got it right

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