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reduction in bump size at 23 weeks - very worried

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jollyjellybean Fri 04-Apr-14 23:14:34

I'm 23 weeks and very concerned as up until a week ago I had a good size bump and the midwife said that it was actually measuring a week in advance

for the last few days my bump has reduced in size to the point where the Dh who doesn't notice anything has commented how small my bump has become - it has shrunk considerably to the point where now I just look like I've had a big meal rather than looking very pregnant which is how I was looking

I'm really worried about this and wondered if anyone else had had this - is it a cause for concern?

any advice greatly appreciated

nyldn Fri 04-Apr-14 23:39:18

I'm 23 w too and my bump seems to change size daily! maybe baby's just in a position further back? def call your mw if it's worrying you though.

Sweetpea86 Sat 05-Apr-14 00:20:50

I'm 38 weeks and some times my bump changes in size.
Firstly if your concerned I would advise speaking to midwife to put your mind at ease. smile

I assumed change in size was due to position of baby. At 23 weeks baby can so lots of turns and maybe when your bump looks bigger baby is leaning on you towards front. And when it's smaller baby is further back or turned.

My baby to big to be moving freely so he seems to lean on one side some days meaning my bump is massive on one side.

At 23 weeks I didn't have much of a bump but maybe about 25 weeks some times I'd look pregnant and some times I wouldn't.

Speak to your midwife make sure you put your mind at ease. Hope your ok smile

jollyjellybean Sat 05-Apr-14 10:37:56

many thanks for your replies - that's so helpful
I will certainly speak to the mw next week

Im wondering if it may have to do with the last few days my nausea has returned and my appetite has completely diminished and Ive been struggling to eat very much whereas before I was definitely eating for two!
Im now going to force feed myself this week and hopefully bring my bump back - this pg is just a mass of worry whereas Im normally such a laid back person!

nyldn Sat 05-Apr-14 11:28:12

jolly, at 23 w also ive had the exact same problem with a loss of appetite! its been worrying me as well, but i generally worry too much so I've been trying to just chill out

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