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Newbie needing your thoughts :)

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Giggling Fri 04-Apr-14 20:48:44

Hi all!
Need your thoughts. For the last 5 days or so my calf muscles have been really aching and feel solid. I've done no extra exercise and am pretty active anyway. Whilst googling what it could be (always risky I know!) I typed in 'achey calves' and the top result was 'achey calves early pregnancy'!!! Been a bit worried today and yesterday so I have spent (probably too long) on MN and Google. Wether I am inventing symptoms I don't know but I have been randomly sick last Sunday night, I feel awful today (most likely the bug affecting my youngest brother and sister though?!) and to top it off I have just had a swig of brothers strawberry cider and it doesn't taste quite right. A funny aftertaste...That's worried me more than anything! :-/ I'm at the end of my pill month so waiting for Sunday/ monday to see if my period calls.
I am on microgynon and have a lovely long term boyfriend who would quite possibly pass out of I told him I was preggers.
I have been pretty confident that I'm being a hypochondriac until my cider tasted off just now. Surely achey calves wouldn't be a symptom and the cider tastes off because I'm feeling ill (really sick one moment, fine the next)......?? :S

sarahquilt Fri 04-Apr-14 20:58:49

It's impossible to know really, until you miss your period and you testsmile

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