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Waters breaking or urine?

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Kri5ty Fri 04-Apr-14 13:48:03

I posted a the other day about how embarrassed i was as I lost complete control of my bladder, but now friends are telling me to ring triage in case it was my waters?

I have had stress incontinence since ds1, but usually if i cough/sneeze etc. I've had a really bad cough so I've been wearing pads. The past week, I've been feeling little "dribbles", like when you're on your period (sorry if tmi). When I've been sat down etc. I just put it down to pressure on bladder.

Wednesday night I'd woken up twice to go to the toilet already. I woke up for a 3rd time absolutely desperate. I stood up and leaked everywhere, and with each step more came out. Then the rest on the toilet.

i just assumed it was urine due to incontinence problems, but like i said, friends are now telling me to go to triage.

i didn't smell it as i assumed wee and cleaned it up.

Since then though my bump is smaller and i find it easier to move around/ bend down etc. But that could also just be baby moving further down?

I'm 33 weeks

Misty9 Fri 04-Apr-14 15:39:54

Waters should regenerate so do you still feel like you're leaking? Try lying down for half hour then get up and see if there's a gush. Also, does the liquid on your pad smell sweet? Put a pad on and call the hospital just in case at this stage I think. Good luck

DinoSnores Fri 04-Apr-14 15:51:25

If you are worried, there is nothing that any stranger on the internet is going to be able to say to reassure you. I think you should call your midwife or triage to speak to someone and potentially be seen by them, particularly as the gushing on Wednesday night sounds a bit concerning.

overthemill Fri 04-Apr-14 16:00:58

Call your midwife

AntoinetteCosway Fri 04-Apr-14 16:06:41

I'd def call the midwife. They'll probably ask you to wear a pad and take it in for them to look at.

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