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Question about Booking In bloods

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Boogles91 Sat 05-Apr-14 23:19:33

My midwife always says to me no news is good news smile she. Will ring you if there is anything of concern come back from your bloods. X

MrsCharlieD Sat 05-Apr-14 22:00:06

I had my booking in appointment around 9 weeks and was given my blood results by the midwife after the 12 week scan x

magichandles Sat 05-Apr-14 13:20:23

I had my booking bloods 2 weeks ago and got them in the post this morning to add to my notes. They did get me to fill out an SAE at booking though, so I was expecting them.

amy246 Sat 05-Apr-14 12:59:06

I got a phone call when one of my results was unusual. It took a couple of weeks though. If you have normal results then they go through these at the 16 week appointment.

Pregnantagain7 Fri 04-Apr-14 16:05:44

I saw a midwife after my 12 week scan (I'd already had a booking visit at 9 weeks) and she went through the results but as foodie said if anything shows up they contact you.

FoodieMum3 Fri 04-Apr-14 11:12:16

They'll phone you within 48 hours or so if anything shows up. Otherwise you can see the report at your next appointment.

RaRa1988 Fri 04-Apr-14 11:05:48

You'll get a call if there's anything amiss; otherwise, you'll probably not hear from anyone till your next appt.

LondonKate Fri 04-Apr-14 11:05:32

I had my booking in bloods taken today - they said they call me, if there is a problem, but otherwise I won't hear until I go back at 16 weeks. It might vary between GP practices though, I guess there is no harm in calling up to check if you're worried?

My guess is that if you had low iron they'd want to do something about it so somebody would get in touch....

WhatsTheWordHummingbird Fri 04-Apr-14 11:01:51

I had blood taken at Booking In last friday. I wont see my MW til 16 weeks (currently ten), so if there is anything amiss with my bloods, do I just find out then? I was worried about ny iron levels.

I know with other blood tests I ring the surgery after two days and get the results but as this is just standard bloods and not a specific test I dont even know whether the reults will go on my file or just stay with the MW.

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