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36 weeks and had enough.....

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mojo1981 Thu 03-Apr-14 20:37:07

I'm 36 weeks (tomorrow) and booked in for an elective section on the 25th april....which i know aint far off, consultant has said that if she comes on her own and is in the right position then its best for me to do it naturally.....which is fine by me (DD1 was back to back and 9lb 1oz and wouldnt come down the canal properly as she has a HUGE head!)

But im so fed up already.....i finished work today, and although im pleased i dont have to go in to work every day but now im just fed up at the thought of being bored! lol

DD1 is coming up 3 (in may) and is hard work, shes goin to be going to nursery two mornings a week and i know i can arrange play dates but i just fear for my sanity! lol

Is that really selfish? and horrible?

Im hoping she might come on her own, but would screw my childcare plans up as my mum is coming up to look after DD1 for my section and she lives 250 miles away so early is exciting but kind of inconvenient lol

Tea1Sugar Thu 03-Apr-14 21:16:58

I'm 37+2 and having a section on 15th April. Dd1 is 3. I'm beyond uncomfortable. Though petrified of section (dd1 was natural birth) I don't want to be pregnant anymore!!

Inglori0us Thu 03-Apr-14 22:14:41

Same here. My dd has just turned 2 and my cs is on 14th April. I'm so fed up, uncomfy, annoyed, tired etc I just want this baby OUT. Now.
Consultant also told me if baby does turn head down the cs will be cancelled but I'm going to fight for it as this baby is humungous. Had forceps birth last time and it was pretty awful. Don't want that again.

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