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that condition when you ovulate the first month you're pregnant

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alita7 Thu 03-Apr-14 15:41:05

I read a while ago about a woman who got pregnant then for some reason still ovulated the next month and ended up with twins who were gestationally a month apart. (I don't think this has happened to me just interested in it)
i just wondered if anyone has had this happen to them and what their symptoms were like with two different aged babies in there! And over all what happened!

eurochick Thu 03-Apr-14 15:43:09

It's incredibly vanishingly rare.

Boogles91 Fri 04-Apr-14 00:12:22

Spontanious conception or something like that :s google it smile i did was too inteerested in what and hiw it happens x

MummytoMog Fri 04-Apr-14 08:41:38

It's called super fetation. Happens to cats a lot.

Sweetpea86 Fri 04-Apr-14 09:08:52

Interesting I've never heard of it before. smile

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