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Feeling worse at 11 weeks? I thought I was supposed to feel better!

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MB34 Thu 03-Apr-14 15:33:43

I'll be 11 weeks tomorrow and have only had nausea for about 2 weeks (week 6/7) and have been feeling a bit tired.

Up until Sunday that is. Since Sunday I've been feeling like I could sleep 24/7. I wake up in the morning feeling like I haven't slept and my eyes sting. I also can't stand for long periods, after a while my body becomes heavy and I have to sit/lie down and feel sick and out of breath until the feeling of heaviness passes. I even have to have a rest going upstairs! I also had a headache behind my left eye since Monday but that's gone today.

I haven't gone to work this week as it's a job where I'm on my feet all day but I feel guilty as I do have short periods of feeling ok, but then I have to lie down again.

I went to the dr this morning and all he did was send me for BP check and bloods - I won't get the results until Tuesday. My BP was 110/65 - the nurse wasn't concerned.

Anyone had a similar experience? How long did it last? I was tired throughout my first pregnancy but don't ever remember feeling this bad hmm

weebigmamma Thu 03-Apr-14 15:44:45

For the first 4 months of this pregnancy I felt utterly crap. Really nauseous and couldn't get my breath going upstairs. Never threw up but couldn't eat anything and had a rotten taste in my mouth. Felt like falling asleep in work all day long and used Lucozade to get me through the day most days. I am now 38 weeks and am finding it tough but in different ways- I feel much fitter physically even though I'm tired. This pregnancy has been much harder for me than my last one. It was 10 years ago, but I don't think it's unusual for pregnancies to differ a lot even if they're closer together. Hang in there!! I did get a few weeks of respite before the third trimester ;-)

MB34 Thu 03-Apr-14 21:48:04

Thank you for your reply. I hope it does get better soon - I don't think I can do a 9 hour day with only a one hour break feeling like this. hmm

weebigmamma Fri 04-Apr-14 07:13:04

Do take time off if you need to. No point in attempting to suffer through it. I came very close to needing time off but my job was such that it wasn't too difficult to survive the day even if I felt like crap. Had I been teaching classes there's no way I could have done it. Hope you feel better soon!

Bumpforme2014 Fri 04-Apr-14 07:30:17

Same happened to me terrible week 6/7 felt better week 8/9 then bad again week 10/11 slightly better week 12 but still not great, the end is in sight though!

Roseandmabelshouse Fri 04-Apr-14 07:36:10

You poor thing. I'm 5 months and still having odd peaks of feeling really unwell then fine again. I'm sure the hormones periodically surge and make you feel grotty. I can tell now that my bump grows in these periods.

You just have to go with it, listen to your body and put yourself first.

Heatherbell1978 Fri 04-Apr-14 07:49:11

I felt consistently crap from 5 to 12 wks. BP has been 90/48 for months now but 'unless I'm fainting', midwife isn't bothered! I literally woke up one morning at about 12.5 wks and the nausea was gone. Took a few more weeks for the tiredness to subside but hopefully you'll feel better soon!

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