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Am I pregnant?

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anonymous1991 Thu 03-Apr-14 13:50:59

Just after some advice.
IF I am it would only be just over a week so I don't know if this is all in my head.
Since Monday I have been feeling on and off sick and today in particular I have had a very strong metallic taste in my mouth. I don't have much of an appetite either today and ive noticed my mouth is filling up with saliva a lot today.

I feel very tired and not really with it. Could U be experiencing symptoms?
I took a test on Monday which was Neg but I presume this is way too early to do a test?!

Thanks smile

cakeymccakington Thu 03-Apr-14 13:52:34

as in , you had unprotected sex a week ago?

if so, way too early to tell. take another test when your period is due, if it doesn't arrive smile

Mrswellyboot Thu 03-Apr-14 13:53:57

I think you've to wait another week but then try the First Response, they work a bit earlier. You could even try on Monday so its over ten days.

Helsim Mon 07-Apr-14 23:39:47

So I'm in need of some advice ladies pls! I'm 37 and have been trying to get pregnant for nearly a year :-( so I cling onto every little thing and hope for the best but know I need to "stop thinking about it!" :-) however I have really tender breasts, feeling a bit weepy and had what I thought was an early period which was really really light and a week early! I'm hoping I'm pregnant but that's all my symptoms for now! The light bleeding lasted 5 days but the sore boobs n emotions have stayed! Cud I be pregnant?! But most importantly when can I test to confirm? My period ( if what I had wasn't it?!) is due at the weekend do I wait until it's late to test? Did a test this morning but was negative but I guess far too early?! Any thoughts n advice pls? Thanks in advance H x x

Sho1988 Fri 11-Apr-14 20:17:39

Hi Helsim

Your "symptoms" sound very similar to myself. I found out two weeks ago I was pregnant (so I was around 5weeks). Before the positive test I was identical, I have sore boobs, feeling emotional and tired and little bit sickly. I thought what was my period come early and I had just calculated it wrong but it was lighter than usual and only lasted a couple of days. I did a test on the third day and it came up negative. I waited a week and still sore boobs and now developing what looked like little white milk spots on my nipples (random!?) I took another test which came up positive! My other half went and got a couple of clear blues which I took and it said 2/3 weeks which according to the docs (they add a couple weeks) it would make me 4-5 weeks pregnant. I would give it another week or two and try again! X

Helsim Sun 13-Apr-14 09:59:44

Thanks SHO1988! Boobs still sore but no milk spots and no sign of my period so fingers crossed! Trying not to get too excited ahead of time but it's hard when u want something so bad and have been waiting what seems an eternity! Will test next week and hope for the best! H x x

Helsim Sun 20-Apr-14 21:55:33

Hi ladies found out on 14th April 5 weeks pregnant!! Thursday 17th I started to bleed and have been on and off since �� Friday 18th was 6 weeks. Emergency scan on Tuesday to see if my bean is still ok, not feeling very hopeful but positives r that bleeding has been really light. Cramps but not pain! Negatives are boobs r less tender and no nausea! Fingers crossed all is ok and as there's a history of twins on my mum and dads side thinking mayb 2 has become 1?! All will become clear Tuesday have tried to take it easy this weekend but haven't stopped worrying, what will b will b!

Will let u know x

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