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Depressed :(

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Babybump0411 Thu 03-Apr-14 13:35:11

We have a mortgage and cars and phones and bills out of our ears like any normal home owner.
This is my first pregnancy and I can't stay at work I'm not a person who gives up easily but I'm being pushed passed my limits and doing things I should be. The people telling me what to do wouldn't dream of making anyone at risk or themselves.
I haven't been her for very long but already I've had enough and never felt like this.
I've had bleeding, stomach pains, anxiety and to top it all off I'm stressed massively with everything and being a first time mummy.
Trying to get a doctors appt was absolutely impossible aswell.
Anyone else had the same or similar experience? Xx

Belt Thu 03-Apr-14 14:58:50

Hi Babybump,
You should first of all speak to your GP or midwife as stress is not good for your baby. Speak to your GP as maybe you just need couple of weeks at home, signed off, just to take it all in and figure it all out.
Just so you know, me and my husband are thinking of trying for our baby number 2 and despite the fact we are not home owners, our bills and debts are eating us as well... I have also been through a bad PND with my first one and all the bills were eating us just like it is eating you at the moment.
With work, when you are trying to figure everything out, it just seems like it is work's fault but really, do not do anything that will jeopardise your work just because you are pregnant for the first time and it all IS scary to figure out.
Just take some time off, any GP should give you at least a week off if you say you are stressing and worrying about the situation. It is all for the better of your baby. Also, you might want to check whether you are entitled to any maternity package at your work because this might definitely help once the baby is born and you do not want to quit now to realise later you could have stayed and get some maternity pay... If you do not, well... Then you will need to figure out with your other half whether you can quit.
Remember, less money = more worries and more stress and you do not want that right now.... Sorry it is not all great advise and probably not what you wanted to hear right now...
Good luck!

squizita Thu 03-Apr-14 19:57:56

Stress cannot hurt your baby; do not get in a guilt/stress cycle about stress! Your midwife can help as it will hurt YOU!

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