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feeling rotten and instinct says I'm not going to get past 30 weeks!

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frankiebuns Thu 03-Apr-14 13:17:03

Ok I have a long list of ailments high bp headaches fast pulse etc and today I feel like I've been hit by a bus I'm 19 weeks and feel whacked, consultant has told me I'll get to 39 weeks but my intuition is saying more like 29! Not sure if it was late night last night or sumthing sinister my midwife checked urine etc yesterday and was all ok bp is up a bit today for the doseage of labetalols I'm on! Itzs ususlly 118/70 but today its 136/80 and pulse racing at 116 bpm! Am I worrying far too much?

cakeymccakington Thu 03-Apr-14 13:20:29

have you had a full blood test done? iron levels? ferritin?

RaRa1988 Thu 03-Apr-14 13:30:28

Call your midwife if you're concerned about your BP. Otherwise, unless you're having anything specific like abdo pain or bleeding, I'd think probably have a good rest today and see how you feel later on. Pregnancy can be very tiring!

StarsInTheNightSky Thu 03-Apr-14 14:51:36

I would say call your midwife too.

Feeling awful does tend to be part of the course of being pregnant I think, I have felt absolutely exhausted all the way through (now 31 weeks).
My blood pressure is always very high (usually around 142/90) and my resting pulse during pregnancy is on average 115, which always seems to terrify our midwife but consultant (after investigation) has said absolutely fine as it's normal for me. Even outside of pregnancy I have naturally high bp and a fast pulse.

I think it becomes more of a concern if it's abnormal for you, do you usually have a fast pulse? Do you think you need to try to rest more?

frankiebuns Thu 03-Apr-14 22:23:47

I'm not doing anything except for waddling down stairs flumping on the sofa and watching box sets my pulse has been up all day my dr said anything higher than 120 bpm for the day then phone her. Its been up 115 ih all day mine usually is 90-96. I just want to get to 24 weeks and I'll be pleased the internal beating is strong and makes me feel even more determined to fight! I had v high bp and other problems at 10-13 weeks and my midwife said I can't believe you are still pregnanT! This ones tough! Feeling very negative at the mo and the prospects of another 19 weeks of this hell is getting me! I'm not having anymore children after this and I should be enjoying this not living in fear every day

Jitterbugjules Thu 03-Apr-14 22:36:04

Sorry you are feeling so awful.
Have you had your thyroid checked out of interest? I'm ten weeks and have had exactly the same symptoms as you, I've just been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and have started medication.

livingzuid Fri 04-Apr-14 05:18:19

BP gets raised naturally throughout pregnancy my consultant told me. He drew me a curve to demonstrate! You are still well within normal limits. Mine was 140/95 at past visit and getting checked again today. I'm 31 weeks now and get checked every day. He said it was the second number rising they had to keep an eye on more as I went from 130/90. I'd hovered around during that for the majority of the pregnancy.

I always think if it was serious they would have us in ASAP. They will just monitor your blood pressure regularly and possibly urine. But at the same stage you are at my consultant said not to worry about it. Pre eclampsia checks get ramped up in third trimester normally I was told. Hence why I am in every two weeks having urine tests and bp checks along with scans! It's scary but equally I see it as a chance to see my baby again smile

Feeling rotten is also extremely normal sadly smile I have had hyperemesis throughout the pregnancy and had to stop work in December. And I'm not nearly as bad as some of the ladies on the hg thread! I have had numerous issues with me, not with the baby, including hypothyroidism and bipolar both of which I had prior to getting pg. An excellent idea to ask your consultant about a thyroid check if you haven't had one already. Just to reassure yourself if nothing else.

How awful for the midwife to say that to you, it's totally unprofessional and I would make a complaint. I really do wonder at these so called health professionals sometimes. Her job is to take your bp and urine samples and keep her opinions to herself. If your consultant was in any way worried you would know about it by now. If he/she said you will make it to term then you will make it to term smile

You'll feel regular movement too in the next few weeks. That really helps as well. I know it's very hard but try to relax. Pregnancy takes a huge toll on our bodies.

livingzuid Fri 04-Apr-14 05:19:05

Checked every two weeks not every day! That would be ott!

frankiebuns Fri 04-Apr-14 09:21:38

I haven't been checked for thyroid it is in the family I will ask next time, my bp is lower as I'm on 600mg a day of beta blockers so its hard to tell if its down falsely or sky high but the figures on this dose are usually 111/70 but yesterday on them it was 137/95 my body likes to get on top of thngs easily and fights its way back up to high after about 1 week on the new dose so I was expecting it! My new midwife has told me I'll get to about 34 weeks but be prepared for earlier! Which I am!

livingzuid Fri 04-Apr-14 12:30:17

I think as well as your baby grows the volume of water in your body increases so it dilutes the potency of any medication you are on. It is certainly the case for that with my lithium and I've had to have my dosage increased three times which sucked but oh well! It may be the same for beta blockers but not sure.

Also I am sure that the whole stress thing can't be underestimated. Even now my blood pressure increases every time I go for a checkup because I'm so scared something will be wrong (I have not had an easy pregnancy either so I really sympathise with you - every time I get scanned every 2 weeks I can't look at the screen till DH tells me it is ok). Or if you've driven there etc. That's what my consultant said to me last time, that he felt it was fluctuating so much because I was finding it so stressful. There are also all those pesky hormones to take into consideration. I spent yesterday in a rage for no reason at all and this morning in tears.

If they were able to take our bp at a zen moment I am sure it would be a bit lower smile and every week after 30 weeks is bonus week as far as I am concerned. Are you going for your 20 week scan soon?

frankiebuns Sat 05-Apr-14 18:03:06

Yes livingzuid its Thursday and I'm excited but nervous as the early scans have put wiglet on the diddy size but compared to ds anythings tiny! He was 59cm when born and heavy! So I'm panicing that sumthings not right, I'm only got one kidney and I'm so sure sumthings wrong but want to know what our wiglet is! Now my spd is rearing its v ugly head and I'm in so much pain and dnt think I can if I wanted to get to 39 weeks

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