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pulled rib muscle

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bubblegumgirl Thu 03-Apr-14 06:40:29

I've managed to pull the muscles in between my left ribs because I had a hacking cough. Now I'm in terrible pain and can barely breathe. I'm 38 weeks pregnant and dreading the thought of going into labour when I'm already in so much pain and can't move around much. Has anybody else experienced this, or given birth with pulled rib muscles? Please help, totally desperate. Thanks.

Kri5ty Fri 04-Apr-14 14:12:28

No help, but just wanted to offer hugs. I cracked my rib at 17 weeks through whooping cough. I've been coughing ever since, and torn the muscle. I'm 33 weeks and dreading labour too :-(

Tigerlily14 Fri 04-Apr-14 16:18:35

You have my sympathy, I cracked a rib and tore a muscle too around your stage with whooping cough. It was agony. I swear it was more painful than childbirth! The dr told me to use the tens machine when it was really bad and I used to press the boost button thingy when I needed to cough. Not sure if it helped or was a distraction but worth a try? Just check with your midwife they are happy for you to use it. They also gaveme some strong painkillers (co-codamol?) - they just made me sick so couldn't take them but might be worth asking if they are happy the baby isn't imminent (think they can affect the baby's breathing if taken near birth?). I also slept upright on the couch for two weeks as lying down hurt. It didn't bother me at all when I went into labour and has been fine since, although I'm convinced my ribcage is humongous now! Really hope it gets better for you soon.

GuppieK Fri 04-Apr-14 17:21:24

I have exactly the same Bubblegum. Have had hacking cough, esp in the morning, for a while now but now I'm bigger I think the combo of weight and cough has pulled a rib muscle badly. I'm 36 wks and was crying at the weekend because of the pain every time I had to cough and the thought it won't be gone in time for the labour.

I've seen a chiropractor a couple of times - seeing one every fortnight anyway. Not sure she has helped loads but it feels better temporarily after she massages it until I start coughing again! She recommended only drinking hot drinks and having as many as I can handle to loosen mucus (if your cough is 'productive', mine is). I'm drinking loads of hot water with lemon and fennel tea and I think it's helping reduce the coughing. She also said to use ice pack. I think for me, stopping coughing is key to it healing so maybe the same for you. Hardly easy though!

Kri5ty Sun 06-Apr-14 15:42:38

tigerlilly it's good to hear fro someone else who has had whooping cough. I'm still coughing from december, and get "oh, it wouldn't have been whooping cough, you get vaccinated as a child".

erm well yes it was, and it wears off in your 20's

OP reflexology is helping me x

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